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Lebanon's Hezbollah attacks on two bases of the Zionist regime

20 Apr 2024 - 15:07

Lebanon's Hezbollah issued separate statements and announced that it targeted two military bases of the Zionist regime.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - International Service: The Islamic Resistance of Lebanon issued separate statements and announced that the fighters of the resistance were able to target two military bases of the Zionist regime on Wednesday.

Lebanon's Hezbollah announced in its first statement that the fighters of the Islamic resistance, in order to support the resistant people of the Gaza Strip and to support its brave and noble resistance, targeted the "Hadab Yarin" base today Saturday with appropriate weapons and inflicted casualties on the Zionist enemy. .

Lebanon's Hezbollah stated in its second statement: The fighters of the Lebanese Islamic Resistance targeted the gathering of Zionist soldiers in "Jabal Adathar" with rockets, and the rockets directly hit the target.

Sheikh Naeem Qasim, Deputy Secretary General of the Hezbollah Movement, stated yesterday Friday: We will definitely respond to any Israeli aggression and we will confront any aggressive action.

He emphasized that we will never back down from confronting the enemy, and we will not end our support for the Palestinian resistance, and we will never accept the closure of this case (battle with the occupiers) unless the Gaza case and the ceasefire are closed.

Sheikh Naim Qassem said that supporting Gaza is actually supporting Lebanon, because he sees what is going on in Gaza in front of him, and if he remains silent, he will be the next victim.

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