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Delivery of the first shipment of Russian Sukhoi 35 fighters to Iran in a week

21 Apr 2024 - 10:03

The media of the Islamic Republic of Iran have reported that the country's air force will receive the first shipment of super-advanced Russian Sukhoi 35 fighter jets by next week.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Tehran: Some media sources report the delivery of 12 advanced Russian Sukhoi 35 aircraft to Iran.

This is despite the fact that last week the English-language website of the Iran Press news agency affiliated with Sed and Sima claimed in a news that Iran will receive the first batch of Sukhoi 35 fighter jets this week.

Also, last week, an article was published in one of the Kuwaiti newspapers, in which it is claimed that although Iran has received the Russian Sukhoi 35 fighters, it has not yet received the necessary parts to launch them. In a telephone conversation, Raisi has requested to receive these important parts.

The Kuwaiti newspaper has written that Russia has so far refused to provide these important parts of Sukhoi 35 to Iran due to the opposition of Israel and the countries of the southern Persian Gulf. This situation has made Iran able to use these fighters only for training purposes and short-range missions.

Also, last year, it was reported that Iran has finalized the process of buying Sukhoi 35 fighter, Yak-130 training aircraft and Mil-28 helicopter from Russia.

It was at the end of Aquarius last year that the sighting of a replica of the Sukhoi-35 fighter type in Iran's Eagle base made news. Western media, including the New York Times, considered the release of satellite images in this regard as preparation and a prelude to receiving this fighter from Iran.

It was at this time that the Zionist media, including the Times of Israel, relying on Western intelligence officials, claimed that Russia was preparing to send 24 Sukhoi-35 fighter jets to Iran in the near future. That is, the fighters that were originally supposed to be supplied to Egypt, but according to this media, America has prevented the finalization of this agreement.

The Sukhoi Su-35 is a single-pilot super-agile multipurpose fighter made in Russia with high maneuverability, designed as an air superiority fighter. Sukhoi-35 is known as Flanker-E in NATO. Sukhoi-35 has the ability to perform a range of the most difficult maneuvers, including the Cobra maneuver, the Colbit maneuver, the bell maneuver, the tail slide maneuver, and the hook maneuver in the highest quality. Performing the Herbst maneuver for the Sukhoi-35 is very trivial.

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