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Accusing a number of members of the Conservative Party of the British Parliament of sexual assault

21 Apr 2024 - 10:05

The media, citing sources, reported that a large number of representatives of the Conservative Party of the British Parliament have been accused of sexual assault.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - International Service: Scandals in the British Parliament, especially among conservative representatives, are spreading every day. These representatives are accused of sexual assaults and viewing immoral films in the parliament headquarters, and this has caused people to distrust their representatives more.

Also last Thursday, British MP Mark Menezes was suspended for allegedly misusing funds during the election campaign, and the number of Conservative MPs who have been sued or removed for inappropriate behavior has increased.

According to the Independent, polls show that even without holding elections, the opposition Workers' Party has surpassed the ruling party, and the ruling party has faced pressure for 14 years.

According to the AFP report, Tim Bayle, a professor of political science at Queen Mary University, said in a statement: "Every time there is a scandal, we think that this is the last scandal, but we still see a new scandal that shakes the conservative column." People believe that this government is tired and should be removed from the competition as soon as possible.

According to Isna, news sources reported that 52-year-old member of the British Parliament Mark Menezes recently met a man in an apartment after meeting him on a dating website, and several people locked him in this apartment in the middle of the night and forced him. They pay thousands of pounds. Menezes, in turn, denies any wrongdoing.

A few days earlier, British MP William Rugg resigned from the Conservative parliamentary group after giving MPs' phone numbers to someone from a gay dating app, saying he feared the person had embarrassing information about him.

The scandals in the British Parliament are not limited to these two MPs, and last month, Scott Benton, a Conservative MP, withdrew due to some pressure. This happened shortly after the suspension of his colleague Peter Boon; A person convicted of intimidation and sexual misconduct against a former parliamentary aide.

Earlier, several conservative members of the British Parliament resigned due to being accused of sexual assaults. According to this report, less than a third of British people believe that the behavior of parliamentarians is appropriate and standard.

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