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198th day of Al-Aqsa storm operation;

Iraqi resistance drone attack on the occupied Golan / Hamas call for a strike in the West Bank

21 Apr 2024 - 15:02

The drone attack of the Iraqi resistance on the occupied Golan, Hamas's call for a general strike in the West Bank and the attack on Rafah and the martyrdom of 8 other Palestinians are among the most important developments of the 198th day of the Al-Aqsa storm operation.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): In the 198th operation of Al-Aqsa storm, the Israeli air attack continued on Rafah and in the attack on two residential houses in this city, 8 Palestinians, including 5 children and two women, were martyred.
Al-Maghraqa area in the north of Nusirat in the center of Gaza Strip was also targeted by the Israeli airstrike.
Deir al-Balah in the center of the Gaza Strip was also targeted by Israeli artillery.
The Zionist regime's attacks on various areas of the West Bank, including Nablus and Hebron, continued this morning, and several Palestinians were kidnapped as a result of these attacks.
The Islamic resistance of Iraq targeted a vital target in the occupied Golan with a drone attack.
Follow the most important developments of the 198th day of the Al-Aqsa storm operation below:
Continuation of Zionist air attacks on the center of Gaza
For the umpteenth time, the fighters of the Israeli regime bombarded the al-Nusirat camp located in the center of the Gaza Strip.
The wounding of a Zionist soldier in the West Bank
The Israeli army announced that one of its soldiers was injured while on leave. The occupying army has not mentioned the reason for the wounding of this soldier in the West Bank, who was a reserve force in the army.
Another crime by the Zionists; The discovery of the bodies of 150 martyrs in southern Gaza
The spokesman of the civil defense in the Gaza Strip announced that after the withdrawal of the occupying army from the Khan Yunis area in the south of Palestine, they discovered the bodies of 150 martyrs and 500 others were missing.
This Palestinian official also announced the disappearance of 2,000 Palestinians in several areas of the Gaza Strip.
Lebanon's Hezbollah targeted Israeli spy equipment
Lebanon's Hezbollah announced that the resistance fighters targeted the spying equipment of the Zionist regime at the "Dovio" base and inflicted casualties on the Zionist enemy.
Removing the bodies of 50 martyrs from under the rubble in Nasser Medical Complex in Khan Yunis
"Al-Jazeera" news channel reported that after the retreat of the Zionist forces from the Nasser Medical Complex in the city of Khan Yunis in southern Gaza, the bodies of 50 martyrs have been removed from the rubble.
64% of Zionists believe that Netanyahu's cabinet will collapse
A survey by the Israel Democracy Institute shows that 64% of participants believe that Netanyahu's coalition cabinet cannot last until the end of the legal deadline, i.e. until the middle of 2026, and will fall.
The meeting of the Israeli war cabinet to review the stalemate in the ceasefire negotiations
At the request of Benny Gantz and Gadi Eisenkot, the ministers of the Zionist regime's war cabinet, this cabinet will hold a meeting to investigate the stalemate in the ceasefire negotiations with the resistance groups.
This meeting was supposed to be held last week, but it was postponed due to the increased tension between Iran and Israel.
It is said that Hamas has announced that it is ready to release 20 Israeli prisoners in exchange for the release of more than 200 Palestinian prisoners and a 6-week ceasefire.
Martyrdom of 2 Palestinians in the West Bank
Under the pretext of trying to carry out an operation, the soldiers of the Israeli regime shot at two Palestinians and killed them.
Hamas calls for a general strike
Following the Zionists' crime in the attack on Noor Shams camp in Tulkarem and the martyrdom of 14 Palestinians, the Hamas movement called for a general strike on Sunday in the West Bank.
The Hamas movement emphasized in its statement: We ask our people in the West Bank to commit to a general strike tomorrow, Sunday, and to turn all the squares and confrontation points into flames against the occupation, and to turn weapons towards the occupation and its criminal settlers. mark
The Ministry of Public Health of Palestine announced the number of martyrs of the recent attacks of the Zionist regime on Noor Shams camp in Tulkarm located in the West Bank as 14 martyrs.
In response to the Zionist crime in Tulkarem and Gaza, the Fatah movement announced a general strike on Sunday.

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