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Mass burial around Gaza Nasser Hospital shocked world

22 Apr 2024 - 13:06

Iran's Foreign Ministry spokesman says publishing of the horrifying news of the massacre and mass burial of hundreds of people in the vicinity of Nasser Hospital has caused shock among people around the world.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Monitoring: In reaction to the mass burial of hundreds of people in the vicinity of Gaza’s Nasser Hospital, Nasser Kan'ani said late on Sunday that the publication of the horrifying and heartbreaking news of the massacre and mass burial of hundreds of patients, wounded, and medical staff in the vicinity of Nasser Hospital caused the astonishment and sadness among people around the world.
Emphasizing the support of international humanitarian law, especially the 1949 Geneva Conventions for hospitals and medical centers, the spokesman said that not only the Israeli regime but states supporting it are responsible for such crimes as well.
Kan'ani further noted that repeated, organized, and extensive crimes of the Zionist regime against the people of Gaza are clear examples of genocide and war crimes, highlighting that it is the responsibility of the international community and international organizations to deal with the perpetrators and leaders of such crimes.
While strongly condemning such tragedy in Gaza Hospital, He urged the UN secretary general, the rotating president of the Security Council, and all responsible countries and members of the international community to condemn the horrific incident in Khan Yunis and use national, regional, and international capacities to prosecute the crimes and punish the perpetrators.
In a statement released on Saturday, Gaza's civil defense agency said the bodies of 50 Palestinians, who had been killed by the Israeli occupation forces, were retrieved from a mass grave at the Nasser hospital in Khan Yunis./Mehr

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