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The head of military intelligence of the Zionist regime resigned due to the defeat of October 7 and the battle of Gaza

23 Apr 2024 - 9:49

The Israeli newspaper "Yediot Aharonot" wrote that the head of the military intelligence branch of the Israeli regime's army "Aman" has decided to announce his resignation after 38 years in the army due to the defeat of October 7 and the recent battle in Gaza.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - International service: Yediot Aharonot newspaper wrote: "Aharon Haliva", the head of Israel's military intelligence branch "Aman", decided to announce his resignation after 38 years in the army due to the failure of October 7.

This is the first resignation of an Israeli official since the war.

This newspaper reported that Haliva announced his resignation to the Chief of Staff of the Zionist Army, Herzi Halevi, this morning (Monday).

According to the report of this newspaper, Haliva had decided to resign at the beginning of the war due to the defeat of October 7.

Walla website also reported: In the letter of resignation that Haliva submitted to the Chief of Army Staff, he accepted his responsibility for the failure of the 7th of October and announced that he will end his activities and leave his post in the coming weeks.

This website reported that a long conversation took place between the Chief of Staff of the Army and Haliva, and the Chief of Staff asked him to wait.

This report adds that the main candidate who is likely to replace Haliva is Shlomi Binder, who is now the head of the operations department in the Israeli army.

According to ISNA, Haliva said: In all the visits I made to army units in recent days, I emphasized that the start of the war was an information failure. What has happened should be deeply investigated and lessons learned from the results, but the current important issue is the war and victory in it.

Haliva November also talked about the intelligence failure before the October 7th war and said: Intelligence and the military failed on October 7th and we should focus on the war.

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