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Hezbollah pounds military headquarters of Israeli regime

21 May 2024 - 12:56

The Lebanese resistance movement Hezbollah targeted two military centers belonging to the Israeli regime in northern occupied Palestine on Monday evening.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Monitoring: Resistance-affiliated news media reported that Hezbollah fighters succeeded in hitting Al-Malikiyya and Hadb Al-Bustan military bases in the north of Israeli-occupied territories.
Meanwhile, Hadashot Bazaman Hebrew website acknowledged in an unprecedented article that Hezbollah is capable of disrupting the security situation in the north, but it pursues a war of attrition against the Israeli military.
Hezbollah is able to intensify its attacks within a matter of minutes and in a successful manner, and the drones they possess have the capability to target any location in the north, the Israeli media outlet argued.
It added that Hezbollah’s drones have a higher efficiency because they do not use GPS as Israelis claimed, but are equipped with cameras and are controlled remotely, and they are usually used less at night.
Hadashot Bazaman also said that Hezbollah fighters are conducting military exercises on a daily basis and improving their offensive power, but Israeli media are not allowed to release the videos of their drills.
The Israeli army’s spokesperson always speaks about their attacks on Hezbollah, but there is no report on Hezbollah’s strikes on Israelis, the report added.
Since the initiation of Operation Al-Aqsa Storm, Hezbollah started attacking northern occupied Palestine to engage a section of the regime’s armed forces on that front and detach Israelis from the Gaza battlefield./IRNA

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