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Biden: We do not recognize the Hague Tribunal

5 Jun 2024 - 11:08

In support of the ongoing crimes of the Zionist regime and Netanyahu himself as a criminal who continues to kill and destroy in the Gaza Strip, the US President said that we do not recognize the International Criminal Court.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - International Service: In an interview with Time magazine, US President Joe Biden stated, referring to the International Criminal Court's petition for the arrest of the Prime Minister and Minister of War of Israel: "The International Criminal Court is what we call it." We do not recognize But one thing is certain and that is the people of Gaza and the Palestinians who are suffering a lot due to the lack of food, water and medicine.

Biden once again supported Israel in the Gaza war and claimed: "Many innocent people have been killed, but many of these issues are not related to the Israelis and include the actions of Hamas in Israel." Hamas is intimidating the people, and I also said this after their attack against Israel."

In response to the question of what action he will take against Netanyahu for crossing the red lines of the United States of America in Rafah, the American president said: "I will not talk about this because you will report it. I am negotiating with the Israelis. If I tell you, you will write it down. Now is not the time to write and report it. "Of course, I haven't talked to Bibi (Netanyahu) since Sunday's attack."

Biden also said about the American prisoners in Gaza: "I met with their families, but we do not have final evidence to determine which of them are alive or not." I have called for a ceasefire and there should be a ceasefire for a period of time to get the hostages out. This is the main reason for our efforts. "The Israelis also deeply want a ceasefire to return the hostages home."

The American president continued to blame Hamas for not reaching a ceasefire agreement and without referring to Israel's opposition, he said: "Hamas can end the war as soon as tomorrow." "The last offer that Israel made was very generous and Bibi is under a lot of pressure for hostages."

Biden, in response to the question, has Netanyahu prolonged the war in Gaza for the continuation of his interests and political life? He said: "There are many reasons for that and I will not comment on this matter. My main disagreement with Netanyahu is the events after October 7th.

Regarding the Russian-Ukrainian war, the American president claimed: "No, it is not the best." First of all, the Russian army is shaken. Second, NATO has become significantly stronger since I took office. With all this, in my opinion, NATO is the strongest alliance in the history of the world. In addition, we must not forget the consequences of Russia's success on the battlefield."

Biden said about America's intended peace in Ukraine: "Peace should be like this and ensure that Russia never occupies Ukraine." Ukraine's membership in the peace process is not an issue, only this issue is important. "If we allow Ukraine to be lost, we will see the fall of Poland and other countries bordering Russia."

Biden's statements come while NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has acknowledged Russia's superiority and believes that Moscow's power should not be underestimated.

The American president emphasized: "NATO is not going to war with Russia" and considered necessary measures for Ukraine "necessary".

The US President also said about Taiwan: "I have made it clear to Xi Jinping (President of China) many times that we are not seeking Taiwan's independence, but we continue to send equipment to this island and are in contact with our allies in the region." Of course, we do not rule out the use of American forces in Taiwan, and there is a difference between deploying forces on the ground, in the air, and at sea."

In response to the question whether the US will direct and manage this matter from bases in the Philippines or Japan, he said: "I can't get into that."

Regarding the nuclear issue of Iran and North Korea, Biden also claimed: "The plan and policy of the United States is not to deal with a nuclear or near-nuclear Iran and North Korea. Of course, the situation will not become more dangerous because it is as dangerous as it was before."

The current US president said about the November 5 election: "If I win, I will finish what I started in the first term. "We have to take measures regarding the future of NATO and Europe politically and economically."

"Furthermore, my focus will be on what is now called the Global South," Biden added. There will be one billion people in Africa in the coming years. "We must be a catalyst for positive change."

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