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Zionist official: Any attack on Hezbollah will lead to terrible destruction for all of Israel

6 Jun 2024 - 12:48

"Ishaq Barik", the Reserve General of the Zionist Army, criticized Netanyahu's cabinet for being silent about the "disaster" that befell the northern settlements and also for the obvious inability to find a solution for the settlers fleeing from Hezbollah missiles.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - International service: "Ishaq Brik", the reserve general of the Zionist regime, criticized Netanyahu's cabinet for its silence about the "disaster" that befell the northern settlements, as well as the obvious inability to find a solution for the settlers fleeing from the party's rockets.

Brik added: "Someone must tell the truth to the "Israeli people" about another disaster that will befall them if another war is opened in the north.

He stated: Lebanese Hezbollah will launch more than 3,000 missiles and drones at Israel's internal front every day and will use all its power to hit the infrastructure and army bases.

This Zionist general stated: The destruction of our settlements in the north is nothing compared to the destruction that occurs simultaneously with an all-out regional war in the six fronts.

Brik stressed that those following the devastation in the northern settlements will realize that the government has no real defense against Hezbollah's missiles, rockets and drones.

He continued: "We have no answer to the launch of missiles in a large-scale regional war in the Middle East. How can Netanyahu's government fight on six fronts at the same time despite our failure in the war against Hamas, which is caused by the erosion of ground forces in recent decades?"

Pointing out that the domestic front will be the main target of Hezbollah's missiles, this Zionist general said: "Any attack by the army on Hezbollah can bring terrible destruction to all of Israel. Gallant and Hallivy are not ready to admit the weakness and incapacity of the army."

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