Publish dateThursday 6 June 2024 - 15:09
Story Code : 291604
The problem of "cutting Tamdan TV broadcasts" has been solved for now!
Following the publication of news about the possible suspension of Tamadan TV broadcasts, sources from this TV told Ava reporter that the problem has been solved for now.
Afghan Voice Agency (Ava) - Kabul: This afternoon (Thursday, June 6), the news of the presence of a delegation from the Ministry of Justice of the Islamic Emirate to interrupt the broadcasts of Tamadan TV in the office of this media was spread on virtual pages, including the pages of Tamadan TV.

Tamadan TV reporters had also announced that the broadcasts of this TV will be stopped for the next few hours.

But a few moments ago, the sources of Tamandan TV told the Ava reporter that the problem has been resolved for the time being and Tamandan TV will continue broadcasting.

These sources refused to give more details, but some news sources have written that with the follow-up of Zabihullah Mujahid, the spokesman of the Islamic Emirate, the issue of stopping the broadcast of Tamandan TV's TV programs until Saturday has been canceled and the broadcast of this TV's programs continues for now.

It should be mentioned that Tamdan TV is one of Afghanistan's private television channels, which was established in 1385 AH by the late Ayatollah Muhammad Asif Mohseni, one of the jihadi leaders and the late head of the Shia Ulema Council.

This channel is the first religious television in Afghanistan that observes Islamic norms in its programs and its main policy is to create Islamic brotherhood and national unity in Afghanistan.
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