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Putin: What is happening in Gaza is a genocide

7 Jun 2024 - 12:22

In a speech, the President of Russia called the current situation in Palestine the result of American policies and said that a genocide is going on in Gaza.

Afghan Voice Agency (Av٢a) - International Service: Russian President Vladimir Putin, in a meeting with the directors of major international news agencies in St. Petersburg on the sidelines of the International Economic Forum regarding the issue of Palestine, called the policies of the United States the main reason for the current situation in Gaza.
He said: "We believe that this is the result of America's policy, which has monopolized the solution of the Palestinian issue and abandoned all the previous collective mechanisms that were created to solve this most complex issue."
Putin went on to say that Moscow is counting on Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's help to resolve the Gaza crisis.
In this regard, he added: "We know that President Erdogan is making a lot of effort to solve this complex and long-standing problem, and considering his influence in the region, the world and the Islamic world, we hope that his contribution to solving this crisis will be tangible."
The Russian president also said about the country's role in the Gaza war: "We are ready to do everything that depends on Russia to solve this situation, taking into account our relations with Israel that have developed over the past decades." let's do".
At the end of this part of his speech, he emphasized: "Israel's response to Hamas attack is not similar to war; Rather, it is a genocide against the residents of Gaza. The only solution to the tension in the Middle East is the formation of a Palestinian state and its recognition.

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