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Acting Minister of Labor and Social Affairs at the St. Petersburg economic meeting;

Sanctions against Afghanistan have harmed the country and should be removed

8 Jun 2024 - 9:52

Acting Minister of Labor and Social Affairs of the Islamic Emirate, during his speech at the 27th meeting of the International Economic Forum in St. Petersburg, Russia, said: The sanctions imposed on Afghanistan have harmed this country more than others and these sanctions should be removed.

Afghan Voice Agency (Ava) - International Service: Maulavi Abdul Manan Omari added: Afghanistan is an independent and safe country, and better use should be made of the country's geographical location for trade and connecting the region.

He also said: Afghanistan is a member of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization as an observer, but the decisions of this organization will be unilateral without the presence of representatives of the Islamic Emirate.

Meanwhile, Russia has announced that it supports Afghanistan's membership in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.

On the other hand, the Acting Minister of Labor and Social Affairs, in an interview with reporters about Vladimir Putin's repeated statements about the need to develop relations with the Islamic Emirate, while welcoming these words and considering it a positive step, stated: The Islamic Emirate wants relations With Russia, it is based on mutual interests, and these relations are not only for the benefit of Afghanistan, but also for the benefit of the region.

In response to the question of what the Islamic Emirate wants from Moscow, he clarified: the interests are always mutual, there is no demand in mutual interests, but both sides should consider the interests and proceed accordingly.

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