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The increase in Palestinian resistance operations has made the Zionists miscalculate

8 Jun 2024 - 10:44

In an article, the Arabic-language newspaper Rai Alyoum stated that the increase in the operations of the Palestinian resistance against the occupiers has upset all the calculations of the Zionist enemy, and the proof of this is the operations of the resistance fighters behind the enemy lines and crossing the barrier wall.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - International: The Israeli regime relies on two basic factors in the war against the Palestinian resistance; First, prolonging the war in the hope that the resistance will be tired and worn out, lose its ability to defend and take initiative, run out of ammunition and its fighters will be disappointed. The second factor is limitless destruction and killing so that the resistance will be shocked and confused.

This media wrote: Both factors gave the opposite result and the Zionist regime made a mistake in its calculations and predictions, and on the contrary, the resistance in Gaza increased the scope of its attacks and doubled it.

Rai Elyoum added: Gaza's supporting fronts have also increased their operations, and in short, it should be said that the range of resistance attacks has increased over time and has never decreased as Tel Aviv had predicted.

This Arabic-speaking source continued: During the past hours, the Martyr Ezzeddin al-Qassam battalions, the military wing of Hamas, carried out an operation by crossing the barrier wall. Al-Qassam announced in a statement that his fighters had a landing operation behind the enemy lines and during which their fighters managed to cross the barrier wall and attack the command headquarters of the Zionist regime.

News sources reported this morning (Saturday, 19th of Gemini) about the infiltration of a number of Palestinian resistance fighters into the occupied territories and their conflict with the soldiers of the Zionist regime. The Zionist Army Radio reported that a team of Palestinian fighters succeeded in penetrating the occupied lands near the Karam Abu Salem crossing in Rafah about two hours ago.

According to Rai Elyoum, Tel Aviv confirmed this incident, but its army spokesperson claimed that the operation was neutralized near the Karam Abu Salem border crossing in the east of Rafah and that there were no more casualties and several injuries.

Regardless of the number of dead Zionists, this act of resistance and operations behind the barrier means that the Palestinian resistance still has the initiative and the ability to plan and carry out the attack.

This media added: The fact that the spokesperson of the Israeli army announced the number of dead is a normal issue, this army either announces the casualties in a small or trickle-down form so as not to affect the internal front of the Zionist regime, especially since it is severely He is confused and frustrated due to the casualties and damages and the non-fulfillment of the goals of the war.

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