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Violence against Australian National University students for supporting Palestine

8 Jun 2024 - 12:44

ANU student expelled after saying Hamas deserved ‘unconditional support’ during radio interview.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Monitoring: According to IRNA's Friday night report from Anadolu news agency, Beatrice Tucker, a visual arts student, was expelled and suspended from the university after commenting on a radio program in support of the Palestinian struggle and refusing to condemn Hamas.
This student said in this radio program, "Hamas deserves our unconditional support."
A pro-Palestinian group at the university said in a statement that Tucker has faced backlash from the media and Zionist organizations, leading to calls for his expulsion.
Finian Colwell, a member of the group, criticized the university's actions and called for it to sever ties with Israel.
"The Australian National University would rather punish students than divest more than $1 million in investments in eight arms companies linked to Israel. The Australian National University is complicit in genocide. The university should take all disciplinary action against students and cancel the Northrop Grumman internship and end the collaboration with the Hebrew University of Jerusalem," he added./IRNA

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