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Political experts in conversation with AVA;

Emphasizing the presence of representatives of the Afghan government in the third meeting of Doha / The purpose of holding international meetings is to recognize the Islamic Emirate!

10 Jun 2024 - 13:58

Political affairs experts, the solution to the challenges that stand in the way of the recognition of the Islamic Emirate; The presence of the representatives of Afghanistan in the third meeting of Doha and they consider the purpose of holding international meetings to find a suitable way for the international community to recognize the caretaker government.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Kabul: Experts believe that due to the meetings and plans that have been raised in recent weeks regarding Afghanistan, including holding a regional contact meeting in Tehran and holding the third meeting in Doha next month; Also, the removal of the embargo on the visit of the caretaker government officials by the United Nations Sanctions Committee, the removal of the name of the Islamic Emirate from the banned groups by Kazakhstan and Putin's re-emphasizing the normalization of relations with the Islamic Emirate, all these approaches indicate that the ultimate perspective of the Islamic Emirate's foreign policy It will result in the recognition of the ruling system.

Dr. Abdul Ali Hossieni, an expert on political issues and a university professor, said in an interview with AVA reporter that the conditions proposed by the international community based on their views regarding the recognition of the Islamic Emirate have not been fulfilled until now.

He added that besides the fact that the Islamic Emirate has repeatedly announced the implementation of the conditions put forward by the United Nations by the acting government, but due to the difference of opinion between the international community and the Islamic Emirate, they have called the conditions unfulfilled.

This university professor mentioned the unfulfilled conditions from the perspective of the United Nations, such as the formation of an inclusive government, the realization of women's rights, and the non-threat of regional and neighboring countries from within the territory of Afghanistan. The Islamic Emirate has been recognized.

This expert on political issues also said that the world community, international organizations and Islamic countries are trying to hold meetings like the third Doha meeting in order to reach understanding and agree on a common point of view with the Islamic Emirate.

According to him, the international community wants to reach a favorable and suitable solution for the recognition of the Islamic Emirate through dialogues.

Mr. Hossieni also pointed out that holding meetings like the regional contact group in Tehran may be useful and effective regarding the positions of countries aligned with the Islamic Emirate in the third Doha meeting, adding that the caretaker government also expressed interest in participating in the third Doha meeting. 

He considered the presence of representatives of the Islamic Emirate in the third Doha meeting to be the solution to the challenges that stand in the way of the Islamic Emirate's recognition and said that he convinced the international community by explaining and documenting the implementation of the conditions set forth by the United Nations in the country. build so that the Islamic Emirate is recognized.

Emphasizing on the presentation of documents in the third Doha meeting by the countries that claim the existence of terrorist groups in Afghanistan, this political expert added that if the countries are really threatened by these groups, it is better for the Islamic Emirate to ask them for documents.

On the other hand, Seyed Gharibullah Sadat, an expert on political issues, in a conversation with AVA reporter, said that the meetings that are held under different titles in the neighboring countries or the region, it is necessary to lift the embargo on the visits of the officials of the Islamic Emirate so that they can attend these meetings closely. to find

He called the meeting of the regional contact group in Tehran as important with the aim of creating more coordination between the participating countries and the Islamic Emirate and added that it will be effective in gaining the satisfaction of other countries in the world like the meetings.

Referring to the third Doha meeting, which will be held in less than a month, Sadat said that the purpose of holding the Doha meeting is to follow up and solve the problem of Afghanistan through understanding and dialogue.

This political expert emphasized that the current situation of the country requires moving towards a stable and permanent government, which will be possible through the holding of Levi Jirga and the establishment of legislative institutions.

He pointed to the recent positions of Russia in establishing relations with the Islamic Emirate and added that Russia is looking for closer relations with Afghanistan to solve possible problems.

He called the American sanctions against Afghanistan hostage against the Islamic Emirate and stated that the countries of the region are trying to free the Islamic Emirate from this hostage.

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