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Hezbollah: We have big surprises for the enemy

11 Jun 2024 - 11:17

Sheikh "Naeem Qassem", deputy secretary general of Hezbollah, emphasized that if the invaders are looking for a large-scale war, the Lebanese resistance is fully prepared to deal with it, and said that we have big surprises for the enemy.

Afghan Voice News Agency (Ava) - International Service: Sheikh "Naeem Qassem", the Deputy Secretary General of Lebanon's Hezbollah, during his remarks about the process of confronting the Zionist enemy, announced: What Hezbollah has achieved so far in the battle to support Gaza and actively defend Lebanon, from He has shown himself to be a small part of his abilities.

Pointing out that Hezbollah has big surprises for the enemy, Sheikh Naeem Qassem stated: The enemy cannot bet on the factor of time; Because we have enough strength to continue the battle and this is the battle we will win.

This Hizbollah official stated: The resistance's special capabilities made it take over the management of the battle and stabilize its equations and force the enemy to surrender to these equations.

Emphasizing that Hezbollah is not looking for a large-scale war, he said: If the enemy wants to move towards such a war, we will not hesitate for a moment to enter this war, and the Israelis know this well.

Sheikh Naeem Qasim noted: Today's strategic developments are in favor of the resistance axis, and the enemy will realize the huge losses they have suffered at all levels after this war.

The deputy secretary general of Hezbollah stated: No matter how much the Zionists try to prolong the war and no matter how much the US government supports them, they will never achieve anything.

Referring to the achievements of the resistance in the current battle against the occupiers, he said: One of the great achievements that occurred as a result of the Al-Aqsa storm operation was that the whole world today is talking about the Palestinian cause and standing against the fake Zionist entity.

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