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Knife attack on 4 American teachers in Northeast China

11 Jun 2024 - 11:42

According to media reports, 4 American teachers were stabbed in northeast China.

Afghan Voice Agency (Ava) - International service: 4 American teachers from Iowa State, including the brother of the state representative of the US House of Representatives, were injured in a stabbing incident in Northeast China on Monday (June 10).

According to "Newsweek", an official of Cornell College said that the instructors were injured in a serious incident while visiting a park in the city of Jilin.

Rep. Adam Zabner of Iowa told CBS and Reuters that his brother, David, was one of the victims, and all four teachers were said to have survived the attack.

So far, the motive of the attack on American citizens and the identity of the attacker are not known.

A video has been posted on social media showing people on the ground covered in blood in the park.

"We are working through the appropriate channels with the U.S. Embassy to ensure that victims first receive quality care for their injuries and then, in a manner that is medically feasible," said Marianne Miller Meeks, Iowa's representative in the U.S. Congress. 

Jane Visser, the spokesperson of the University of Iowa, told CNN that the US Department of State was aware of this incident and is monitoring the situation; However, the aforementioned ministry has not commented on this matter so far.

This attack has taken place while the relationship between Washington and Beijing over Taiwan is not good.

However, this attack is expected to have a negative impact on this year's invitation by Chinese President Xi Jinping to 50,000 American students for study programs in the country.

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