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President Karzai orders to tackle Logar resident’s problems

Afghan Vocie Agency (AVA), International Service , 2 Jun 2012 - 16:10

A number of Logar elders, nomads and the province’s representatives in the house of people and provincial councils met with President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Hamid Karzai discussing their problems, yesterday. 

At the meeting which was held at the presidential palace, first minister of agriculture and irrigation, Mohammad Asef Rahimi provided the president with information about the problems of the nomads and other complaints of the residents of the province as well as the issue distributing residential units among them. 

Meanwhile, the elders and representatives of the nomads offered their presentations over the issues. 

The president also instructed the organs concerned and the provincial government to tackle the problems based on justice among the residents. (BNA)

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