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Gruesome murder of Afghan woman in Ghazni province

Gruesome murder of Afghan woman in Ghazni province
According to local authorities in eastern Ghazni province, an Afghan woman was killed by her husband in a gruesome way in this province.

Provincial hospital officials in Ghazni city confirmed the gruesome death of the Afghan woman

The lady was recognized as Kobra and was only 20 years old. According to the father of victim Ghulam Hazrat, Kobra was a mother of 2 year old child as well.

Ghulam Hazrat further added his daughter Kobra was killed early Tuesday morning around 2:00 am in her house.

He also said Kobra was killed after she was beaten by a gas cylinder and was later stabbed to death.

This comes as rights advocates expressed concerns regarding growing violence against women across the country.

Poverty, family issues, moral issues and social issues are the main motives behind growing violence against women in Afghanistan.

Provincial women affairs chief Shukria Wali said the death of Kobra by her husband was horrible and unjustifiable. She said Kobra was also pregnant while she was killed.

According to Shukria Wali Afghan police forces have arrested husband of Kobra in eastern Ghazni city.

Father of the victim Ghulam Hazrat said his daughter was married around 5 years ago and did not have any family issues with her husband before.

He said Kobra was killed due to poverty issues and her husband had issues with his brother and was not paid by his brother after he sold the house which was owned by both of them.
Source : Afghan Voice Agency (AVA), International Service
Tuesday 26 June 2012 14:45
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