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Getting to know the Afghanistan Badminton Federation

Getting to know the Afghanistan Badminton Federation

Kabul, (AVA)- The Afghanistan Badminton Federation was established by Britain, Denmark and India on 1365.

The first head of this Federation was Adineh Sangin. 

When the war hit Afghanistan, not only the Badminton Federation but also all Afghanistan sports Federations were closed. The Federation restarted its activities in 1381.

Although the Federation is a member of the world Badminton Federation, Afghanistan has never won a medal in international competitions.

Badminton is played in 20 provinces but some provinces ceased their playing due to lack of equipments.

200 Badminton players are in Kabul.

Seyyed Gol Zohuri, the head of Badminton Federation, told Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) lack of equipments and plans for the players limits the Federation activities.

To develop the sports in Afghanistan, there is a strong need of the government, merchants and people supports.

He added Badminton is one of the expensive sports which should be funded.

Expressing his dissatisfaction with National Olympic Committee cooperation, Gol Zohuri said Badminton Federation requested National Olympic Committee to meet the Federation needs but no changes are seen.

The Badminton players have taken part in international competitions but no medals have been won due to lack of equipments.

A Badminton competition is going to be held after Ramadan month in Kabul by the Federation.

Source : Afghan Voice Agency (AVA), Kabul
Sunday 12 August 2012 16:48
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