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"Doctrine Mahdaviat" meeting held in Payambar A'azam (Pbuh) cultural foundation

"Doctrine Mahdaviat" meeting held in Payambar A
Kabul, (AVA)- "Doctrine Mahdaviat" meeting attended by experts, Ulamas, clerics, cultural activists, Hoza, religious school, and universities professors and students was held in Payambar Aazam (Pbuh) cultural and Tablighi foundation yesterday.

Dr. Rahimi, one expert attended the meeting, said "Doctrine" is a term having been entered the social and political literature in the late century of medieval ages.

Rahimi added "Doctrine" means the practical theories leading a plan to be implemented.

He stated "Doctrine Mahdaviat" means some theories about the philosophy of Entezar, waiting, and Zohur (emerging) Imam Mahdi (Pbuh) which is being probed and discussed by researchers and experts.

Dr. Rahmani categorizing Entezar on 2 parts said constructive and destructive. Those following destructive Entezar believe that there will be no right lover at end time so they try to implement futile changes.

Those following constructive Entezar, meanwhile, believe corruption, cruelty and injustice will hit a peak, there will be right lovers trying to pave the way for Imam Zaman (Pbuh) Zohur, though.

Confirming the constructive Entezar, Dr. Jafar Qunduzi said this theory only conforms to Islamic precepts.

To question "Whether or not will Imam Zaman (Pbuh) benefit from miracles and God-gift powers when he stage uprising?", Imam Zaman (Pbuh) will stage his uprising in natural way benefiting from modern technologies to establish his justice-oriented and worldwide government.

According to Rahmani, although the exact time of Imam Zaman (Pbuh) Zohur is unknown, his emergence will be followed a number of signs including Sufyany, Antichrist and Yamani appearance.
Source : Afghan Voice Agency (AVA), Kabul
Thursday 27 June 2013 11:01
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