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Mazar-e-Sharif Friday prayer Imam

Zionists and Wahabis fear Imam Zaman (Pbuh)

Zionists and Wahabis fear Imam Zaman (Pbuh)
HVM Hashemi Seyyed Heidar reading Friday prayer (Salat al juma) religious-political Khutba and thanking people for attending Imam Zaman(a.s) birthday anniversary ceremony said Hz. Muhammad (a.s.v) in his Ghadir-e-Khom Khutba used the name "Hazrat-e-Mahdi for 18 times.

There are 91 Rewayats introducing Imam Ali (a.s) as the first Imam and Hz. Mahdi as the last Imam.

Based on other 107 Rewayat Imams are numbered 12 from whom 9 including Imam Zaman are descendant of Imam Hossein (a.s) HVM Hashemi Seyyed Heidar said.

The belief in Imam Zaman (a.s) as a Monji, redeemer, has been attacked a lot by enemies Mazar-e-Sharif Friday prayer Imam said.

All Islamic sects as well as the heaven religions believe in Imam Zaman he added.

"Why Mahdviat has been attacked a lot is that it is anti-cruelty, oppression and tyranny culture and it stipulates that Imam Zaman will restor the religion and justice and will rule before the end of the world." HVM Hashemi Seyyed Heidar

According to Mahdaviat all those who believe in Hz. Mahdi will be saved from dangers.

Condemning those seminars, conferences and media funded by Saudi Arabia and Zionist, he called for resistance and fight against the evil activities.

Blaming the Egyptian government for failing to protect Sheikh Muhammad Hossein and three of his closest friends against the Wahabi terror plan, HVM Hashemi Seyyed Heidar placed a great emphasis on keeping the Islamic unity and defusing the enemies separating plans.
Source : Afghan Voice Agency (AVA), Mazar-e-Sharif
Sunday 30 June 2013 09:41
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