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Mosque Imams complains against the government ignorance;

Taliban teaches in most religious schools in Farah province

Taliban teaches in most religious schools in Farah province
Kabul, (AVA)- A number of Imams in mosques complain that due to the government ignorance, Taliban is teaching in most religious schools.

Tens of religious schools led by Taliban are active in the cities, Farah province according to local officials.

Sayed Abdulqayum, the principal of "Al-Hoda" religious school, said tens of religious experts are teaching in the school now.

Ha added the school is financially supported by national merchants and people.

Abdulqayum blame the government of paying no attention to religious school.

Rejecting the claims, Mohammad Sabir, the head of Farah education office, said those religious experts teaching in school are registered and paid monthly.

He added all of religious schools are supported by Afghan government.

One of the local officials on the condition of anonymity said armed Taliban are teaching anti-government lessons in most of the religious schools in Farah province.
Source : Afghan Voice Agency (AVA), Kabul
Monday 8 July 2013 10:00
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