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Mazar-e Sharif Jumu'ah Imam:

Congregational prayer fails to be paid attention in Afghanistan

Congregational prayer fails to be paid attention in Afghanistan
Mazar-e Sharif, (AVA)- Salāt al-Jumu'ah attended by hundreds prayers was held Sultania Hoza, religious school, in Mazar-e Sharif.

HIVM Sayed Haidar Hashemi, Mazar-e Sharif Jumu'ah Imam, said the God said in Baqara surah, verse 183 that the theology of fasting is that the human turns virtuous. The verse says "Those who is believers, fasting has been written upon you as it was written for those who were before you since you turns righteous."

Hashemi said according to hadiths, fasting reminds the hunger and thirst of the Day of Judgment. When we are asked "Why do we fast?" the response is to be saved from going to hell and go to paradise.

According to the Mazar-e Sharif Jumu'ah Imam pointed to a Qudsi hadith, God says "Fasting belongs to me and I am the reward of fasting."

The religious expert addressing the Mulla Imams to set an exact timetable for Azan in order to avoid any mistakes said the Balkh province media can also set such timetable and broadcast it.

He added the foodstuff price has been augmented and politicians, national merchants and businessmen should know that such expensiveness especially in Ramadan month opposes to our beliefs and religion since there are a great number of those who can not afford.

He said we should benefit from Ramadan month blessings and one way is giving Iftar. When those who is in hell are asked "Why you are driven to hell?" they will said "we refused to pray, refused to feed and help needy people."

Hashemi said congregational prayer fails to be paid attention in Afghanistan and the principles of prayer is to say it on time and congregationally.

He stated unfortunately instability has been raised especially in Ramadan and Afghan government, UN and non-Muslim countries asked oppositions to halt attacks but oppositions believe the reward of war in Ramadan is more than other months.

Hashemi addressed the oppositions that their beliefs lead the Islam enemies to put the Islam principle under question.
Source : Afghan Voice Agency (AVA), Mazar-e Sharif
Saturday 13 July 2013 11:46
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