Publish dateTuesday 8 October 2019 - 00:15
Story Code : 192729
18 years after US presence, Afghans still suffer from war
A new chapter was opened in Afghanistan on October 7, 2001, when the US warplanes began launching heavy strikes against the Taliban in different parts of Afghanistan. 
Most Afghans were optimistic following the ouster of the Taliban government in the autumn of 2001. It was a new beginning for the people to build a new country under the US presence and its commitments to the people and government of Afghanistan.
Despite certain achievements, especially in the fields of democracy and women’s rights, many here believe that such achievements can never be compared to the amount of misery they have tolerated over the past years.
Uprooting terrorism in Afghanistan, poppy eradication and bringing stability were known as the top priorities of US and its allies after the overthrow of the Taliban regime.
However, the bitter story of over 3 million drug addicts in Afghanistan alongside the rising unemployment in the country show a big failure in these areas.
Let's not forget that 18 years of US-led NATO military presence in Afghanistan has also created an environment for terrorist groups to push the country into further chaos, as they name the US and its allies as their enemies.
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