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What is going on in Ukraine? Who was hit by the sanctions?
Azar Bathori: Western countries' sanctions hit European countries the most. The inflation rate in these countries reached its maximum level, which is the first time in European countries that such a situation is seen in their history.
As everyone knows, Ukraine fell prey to the deceptive promises of Western countries led by America.
Ukraine is a neighboring country of Russia, and there is a close relationship between the people of these two countries. Russia has never wanted insecurity in Ukraine, but it was Ukraine that became the prey of Western countries' deception and the means of reaching Western countries' targets was located near the borders of Russia, and this forced Russia to carry out special operations on the territory of Ukraine. This was what the western countries, led by America, wished for.
Western countries did not spare any option to hit Russia, including economic, military, media, sports and cultural sanctions; Because there was a risk that the control of all NATO biological weapons programs and laboratories in Ukraine would be taken out of the hands of the NATO forces and come under the control of the Russian military forces, which happened. Three biological weapons laboratories were captured by Russian military forces in the Zabrozhi region. In the military sector, Western countries have sent light and heavy weapons to military forces to Ukraine, and reliable sources report that they have been arrested in Ukraine.
In his recent speech, NATO Secretary General Mr. Stoltenberg announced the sending of 20 thousand cannons, 4 missile systems and a large number of modern GMLRS missiles.
Western countries thought that with these sanctions they would destroy the Russian economy and return it to the 1990s; But unaware that the Russian economy under the leadership of Vladimir Putin is no longer as vulnerable as before. Russia's leaders first examined all aspects of a case and then took action.
In the case of Ukraine, not only the Russian economy was not affected; rather, during this war, it earned 100 billion dollars from oil and gas alone, while it did not increase its exports either.
Western countries' sanctions hit European countries the most. The inflation rate in these countries reached its maximum level, which is the first time in European countries that such a situation is seen in their history.
On the battlefield, Russia reached about 70-80% of its predetermined goals.
General Steven Twitty; The former deputy of the American command in Europe said in his recent speech: I think the war in Donbas will end in favor of the Russians. If you look - I'm talking about the eastern part of Donbass in particular - the Russians are making every effort to capture the remaining cities of the Donbass region, such as Rubizhan, Liman, Sorodonetsk and Lysichansk, even some of these cities are already under the control of Russian forces.
He says; As officially announced, we intend to weaken Russia. Although we have not yet defined what attenuation means. If you look at the Ukrainian and Russian forces right now, they are almost one to one. The only difference is that Russia has much more combat power than the Ukrainians. So, there is no way the Ukrainians can beat the Russians. We need to really understand what attenuation means in the end. I always say that the Ukrainians will never have enough combat power to drive the Russians out of Ukraine. So how will the end game be? If you really want to go back to pre-2014 I'd be interested in hearing about solutions; because from the military point of view, the Ukrainians do not have the ability to do this and have such combat power.
General Steven stated in another part of his speech: "I also want to remind you that we hear a lot about the losses of Russia, but very little is said about the losses of Ukraine. Remember that they also lost their soldiers during this they are losing the war. They started the war with 200,000 troops, who knows where they are today? We have to accept that they don't have the time and the budget to go back to pre-2014."
Another point that should be noted is that if you look at the diplomatic, intelligence, military and economic components, we are facing a severe lack of diplomatic components to solve this issue. If you notice there is not even an attempt to agree on any negotiation, there is no diplomacy. Due to the fact that Putin doubts the intentions of the Western countries, it seems unlikely that the Ukraine issue can be resolved through dialogue any time soon, and if the sanctions against Russia continue, the European countries will definitely be the losers.
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