Publish dateSaturday 9 July 2022 - 10:12
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America and Afghanistan; Hostile ally!
View of the day: Zabihullah Mujahid; The spokesman of "Islamic Emirate" in response to Joe Biden's decision; The President of the United States has said about the cancellation of Afghanistan's status as the main ally of the United States outside of NATO that this title has no benefit for Afghanistan and "the Islamic Emirate is not worried about this action".
Mr. Mujahid said: "In the last 20 years, Afghans have suffered from this area and they don't have good memories of it."

He added that "Islamic Emirate" wants good and reliable relations with countries in the diplomatic and commercial fields.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden; In an official letter, the President of the United States has said to the presidents of the Houses of Representatives and the Senate that he intends to cancel Afghanistan's status as "the main ally of the United States outside of NATO".

This title was given to Afghanistan during the Obama administration in 2011.

This position is given by the United States to countries that have strategic business relations with the United States; but they are not members of NATO.

Zabihullah Mujahid's response to Joe Biden's decision was decisive, clear, strong, biting and crushing; because this decision shows the official confirmation of the salvation and independence of Afghanistan from the colonial rule of America and it shows that America has completely lost its control, influence and hegemony over our country and this rule has been irreversibly destroyed.
However, as stated in the reaction of the spokesperson of "Islamic Emirate", during the last 20 years, this title was one of the main factors of the catastrophic crimes committed by America in Afghanistan and the people of Afghanistan in a way they were brutal victims.

Accordingly, the title of "America's largest non-NATO ally" was of no use to Afghanistan. Our country never achieved growth and development, security, progress, freedom and prosperity through this route; On the contrary, with the unbridled domination of the occupying forces, the dimensions of the crimes and disasters caused by the foreign occupation and aggression were intensified and deepened day by day; The crimes and tragedies of which defenseless people were the main victims; without the leaders and perpetrators being held accountable and tried before the law and justice.

Meanwhile, of course, there is no doubt that the members of a corrupt, mercenary and puppet government benefited greatly from the benefits of Afghanistan's "strategic" relations with America; The same dual-citizen patriots who occupied the citadel of power with the intervention and covert support of embassies and western military forces, intentionally and knowingly justified or ignored the intentional crimes of the American military against the people of Afghanistan. and when they betrayed their people and sold the country and cowardly fled to the countries of the region and the West, they took the money of the bread and lives of the people of Afghanistan, in the big cities of America, England, the Emirates, Turkey and ... they bought houses of several million dollars and shamelessly led the life of nobles due to corruption and extortion of the treasury and mercenaries for foreigners.

But for the general public of Afghanistan, the title of "America's main non-NATO ally" had no benefit but destruction; Because America, from this point of view, had the paradoxical interpretation of "hostile ally"; A country which, in the name of strategic alliance with Afghanistan, is actually hostile to it, dragged the country to the brink of major wars, kept the people poor and destitute and hungry, did nothing vital for the economic and social infrastructure of the country, political corruption. Brought it to its peak, institutionalized fascism and ethnocentrism, manipulated the election results and brought his puppet elements to power, and finally left the country in the middle of poverty, disaster, corruption, and collapse and fled.

With this in mind, has the title of "America's main non-NATO ally" really had any consequences for Afghanistan other than ruin, poverty, and disaster in the past 20 years? What damage will the cancellation of this title cause to the people of Afghanistan? And why should the established government be worried about this decision of Biden? This decision is another confirmation of Afghanistan's acceptance of complete independence from the colonial control of America and NATO.
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