Publish dateTuesday 12 July 2022 - 14:22
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From flood and earthquake to famine and migration; what should we do?
Voice of Afghan Agency (AVA) – Daily View: The Crisis which is going on in Afghanistan current government if the strongest government of the world would face, they couldn’t handle too but it doesn’t mean that the current government is not responsible for control of current situation.
Even if we become optimistic but the situation is not good. You cannot close your eyes and fly above the clouds with the idea that everything is good and ideal, the country is on the right track and soon the crises will be curbed, the calamities will subside, there will be no poverty and famine. Floods and earthquakes have had few victims and the needy will receive help soon.
The fact is that the descent of this volume of deadly and subversive disasters should never be considered a natural event. Even in the most pessimistic scenario, it is not expected that in the first days of summer, it will snow and kill several people, the cold will spread and destroy the agricultural products of the poor peasants overnight.
Or the occurrence of an earthquake, which is considered the most natural and unmanageable event, along with other disasters, makes it unnatural and adds to the worry and fear of the future. Although it is believed that compared to the losses and damages caused, significant domestic and foreign aid was sent to the earthquake affected areas; But the fear of the lack of fair distribution of aid, homelessness, the fate of families that have been torn apart, hundreds of homeless and orphaned children, disabled people who have to die and be revived thousands of times for the rest of their lives, reviving the cycle of life in poor and remote villages that have been completely destroyed, overcome the emotional and psychological consequences after the deadly earthquake and worst of all, the spread of diseases such as cholera and... It is one of the issues that makes possible the extension and escalation of the crisis caused by the earthquake and adds to the amount of sadness and fear of the future.
The flood is another devastating calamity that has swept through almost the entire country, killing dozens of people and hundreds of livestock, destroying people's fields and destroying agricultural products. Thousands of houses throughout the country have been completely destroyed as a result of the recent floods. All this while many regions receive almost no aid; Because the newly established government does not have enough resources to provide aid and care for the victims, and aid organizations either have a similar problem or act based on their own political, economic and ideological interests and goals, not necessarily the urgency of people's needs.
In addition to these crises, poverty and famine caused by political-economic collapse, which led to flood migrations and other pitiful and painful problems, have brought the country closer to the abyss of a full-scale human disaster.
At the same time, catastrophic wars like Balkhab, which occurred as a result of the ambition of a rebellious local commander, have imposed the greatest suffering on women, children and innocent civilians who left their homes and went to the mountains and cold deserts.
The Crisis which is going on in Afghanistan and current government is facing the crisis, if the strongest government of the world would face, they couldn’t handle too. it doesn’t mean that the current government is not responsible for control of current situation.
In Islam, there have been many emphases on this matter. As much as a just king becomes the ground for the infinite mercy of the Creator to descend on his subjects, oppressive rulers also become the cause of the descent and spread of disaster. Therefore, now that the state's affairs are in the hands of "religious scholars" and those who are aware of the Sharia law, know the place of justice in the divine religion of Islam, and are aware of the devastating consequences and foundations of oppression have been placed at the head of the state administration. and injustice, discrimination, corruption and fascism, they are well aware, it is expected that the sudden descent of this amount of foundational, deadly and destructive calamities will cause the awakening, awareness and faith of the believers, scholars and rulers and move the country towards providing To guide the maximum of justice within the radius of the holy law of Islam and bring the Muslim Ummah to the green land of goodness, prosperity and salvation. This becomes possible when the rulers base their slogans and actions on the holy Sharia law, make justice the greatest goal of governance in the manner of the righteous caliphs, and fight and confront all manifestations of oppression and injustice.
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