Publish dateTuesday 19 July 2022 - 15:43
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Putin and Erdogan
Gholam Reza Sadat: Today, the Islamic Republic of Iran is hosting the Presidents of Russia and Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Vladimir Putin.
This hosting is important considering the global developments, including the Ukraine crisis, the increase in energy in the world, and the very tense relationship between the East and the West, especially America and Russia, in the last few months.
After the invasion of Ukraine, the President of Russia has been greatly angered and threatened by America and Europe.
Erdogan, due to the lack of behavioral balance in defeating the issues of the region and the world, especially the war in Syria and the tension with his western allies, especially the United States, is forced to strain against his regional rival (Islamic Republic of Iran). In a situation where both countries (Russia and Turkey) are not happy with their close relationship with the US and the West, their trip to Tehran, which always stands against the arrogance and aggression of the West and the US, is remarkable from several points of view.
First: The two countries of Iran and Russia have and have close views on many global issues, especially developments in the Middle East. What brought these two countries together more than before was the issue of Syria and the civil war in this country and finally the creation and strengthening of terrorist groups by the Arab countries of the region and America? All these issues and cases caused Iran and Russia to stand together in support of the Syrian government, which resulted in the destruction and defeat of the extremist war groups and terrorists who had occupied large parts of the Syrian territory.
Today, Putin's visit to Tehran, along with other issues, focused on the Syrian issue, which is of special importance along with other issues.
Of course, besides the Syrian issue, the anti-Western attitude of Iran and Russia in many global and regional issues has caused the two countries to work in close cooperation more than before.
Second: Turkey, on the other hand, in recent years and after the Syrian war and the bitter defeat of this country and its terrorist mercenaries in the Syrian battlefields, was forced to come to terms with and withdraw from its support positions against the warring groups against the Syrian government. Of course, what has made Turkey, a member of NATO and a military ally of America and the West, alongside Iran and Russia, is the centrality of these two countries against the excesses of the West and neutralizing the conspiracies of the West against Islamic and Eastern nations and states, and more importantly, Turkey's failure in policies It has been a regional macro.
At the same time, Turkey's tense relationship with Western countries, especially America, has brought Turkey close to Iran, Russia and China on many issues.
All these issues together have caused Turkey, despite deep differences with Iran and Russia, but as a failed country in the issues of the Islamic and Arab world for the past ten years, to get closer to Iran and Turkey with this policy and approach and in Accompanying Iran and Russia will show the West that this country, by changing its political approach, can enjoy the support of the powerful Eastern countries, especially Iran, and that the country's military pact with the West remains only on paper.
Therefore, what has drawn Erdogan to Tehran is, on the one hand, the country's unofficial rejection of political agreements and western society, and on the other hand, the failure of Erdogan's expansionist policies against the remarkable victories of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the region and the Islamic world.
Third: Today's visit of Erdogan and Putin to Tehran is of particular importance compared to Biden's visit to Israel and the countries of the region.
Biden was pursuing two main goals in his trip to the Middle East. One was the issue of supporting the Zionist regime and ignoring the crimes of this regime in the occupied territories, and the other goal was to convince the Arab countries of the Persian Gulf, especially the Saudi leaders, to increase oil production. While the visit of Putin and Erdogan to the Islamic Republic is taking place while the regional policies of the Islamic Republic have been realized in the countries of the region, especially the axis of authority, and it has forced Erdogan to strain against the Islamic Republic.
Therefore, welcoming Erdogan and Putin in Tehran is the most important goal and message of further consolidating the regional policies of the Islamic Republic and stabilizing the position of this country in international politics and strengthening the axis of resistance and ultimately bringing the opponents and regional rivals of the Islamic Republic to their knees in front of the greatness of this country and this system.
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