Publish dateWednesday 20 July 2022 - 13:37
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The decline of America and the coalition of regional powers centered on the Islamic Republic of Iran in the Middle East
Gholam Reza Sadat: A few days after the US President's trip to the Middle East, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan arrived in Tehran to participate in a tripartite meeting attended by Iranian President Ayatollah Ebrahim Raisi. Although this is the first visit of the presidents of Russia and Turkey to Tehran, this trip seems to be of special importance compared to their previous trips.
Putin's visit to Tehran, as the second foreign travel destination since the start of the Ukraine war, means sending this message to the West that Putin is not isolated, but is trying to strengthen his position on the eastern front, from the new superpower competition in the Middle East. Do not step back.
Although Iran and Russia have had close and growing relations in the past years, and the anti-Western positions of both governments have created aligned interests between the two sides; However, it seems that the start of the war in Ukraine and the imposition of severe Western sanctions against Moscow have brought both countries closer in their anti-Western campaign.
The West was happy to isolate Russia by imposing extensive sanctions, but the sanctions against Russia backfired and today the increase in the price of petroleum products in the US and the West has faced a serious challenge.
 Despite the fact that the pressure and sanctions have apparently brought Iran and Russia closer and Putin's visit indicates this issue, but at the same time, it seems that this issue is a hidden competition between these two countries for the sale of oil and raw products. Refined and metals in India, China and all over Asia as well, because Moscow in the midst of the war in Ukraine sells these goods at cheaper prices than the discounts offered by Iran.
But this competition is not to the extent that it can harm the relations between these two countries, because Iran and Russia have very close views on many global issues, especially confronting America and the West and their arrogant policy. Although the sanctions have in some way brought closeness and even competition between Iran and Russia in the economic field, nevertheless, in recent days, the military cooperation between Iran and Russia has attracted the attention of America and the West.
Among the most important issues, the finalization of the 20-year strategic document of cooperation between Iran and Russia, as well as the purchase of drones from Iran by Russia, have received great attention and concern in Western circles.
In the same situation, CNN claimed by publishing some satellite photos that a Russian delegation visited the Kashan airport at least twice last month, where drones capable of carrying weapons are kept. Also, American officials have claimed in a conversation with CNN that Iran displayed the Shahid-191 and Shahid-129 planes to the Russian delegation at the Kashan airport in June.
Such claims were published while Biden was still on a trip to the Middle East, and the publication of this news was important because Iran was at the center of the conversation between the United States, Israel, Saudi Arabia and the Persian Gulf countries, and there was talk of creating a military coalition against Iran was also discussed, which of course has led to failure in the first stage.
Therefore, Putin's visit to Tehran, in a situation where military and political cooperation shows a change in the arrangement of forces in the region, indicates that Russia is trying hard not to lose the rhyming game to its traditional rival in this field.
Another focus of Putin and Erdogan's visit to Tehran is the discussion on the Syrian issue. The Syrian civil war is coming to an end with the defeat of the terrorists supported by Turkey. Turkey is trying to preserve a part of Syrian territory as a place for terrorists or a buffer zone, which is against the views of Iran and Russia.
Of course, what can be seen from the evidence is that Turkey has been removed from Syria and defeated by the soft policy of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and this process will continue until the complete cleansing of this country from the existence of terrorists, and Erdogan's visit to the Islamic Republic of Iran. , except for the strain against the greatness and politics of the Islamic Republic, it has not benefited him and does not have any other benefits.
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