Publish dateWednesday 27 July 2022 - 16:04
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America and the West are afraid of Russia
Ghulam Reza Sadat: Recently, reports were published by Western media citing American officials that Russia is interested in buying drones from the Islamic Republic of Iran. Of course, in addition to the why and how of this deal, which places a superpower like Russia in the list of countries buying weapons from the Islamic Republic of Iran, which is interesting in itself, the concern and fear of Western officials, especially the Americans, is worthy of consideration.
Iran has been subject to an arms embargo for more than 40 years, in addition, it successfully passed an imposed war for nearly a decade, even though Iraq at that time was being financed and equipped by the East and the West (Soviet and America), including Western countries.
Now, the question is how Iran came out proud and victorious both from the war and from the construction of its defense and military industries during the 40 years of arms embargo and a decade of war imposed on that country, and that today not only It has become a regional power that a powerful country like Russia is interested in buying weapons from this country?!
The answer to this question, along with dozens of other factors, including leadership power, cohesion, planning, and foresight, and most importantly, an important part of this success and progress has been owed to the scientists of this country and the necessary and timely investment in the military-defense field. which has turned Iran not only into a regional power, but also among the most important and advanced countries in the world in the production of warplanes, medium and short-range missiles, the construction of warships, aerospace industries, and most importantly, the production of UAVs has placed
With these interpretations, due to the ongoing war in Ukraine, which is not expected to end soon in the current situation, Russia has made it inevitable to turn to the Islamic Republic of Iran as an important country that owns UAVs. The world has been predictable.
Of course, in today's modern wars, the role of technology and war tools, especially the advanced electronic industry, is very important and fundamental, and it can make the battlefield light and heavy for the benefit of the country and faction. Russia has realized this in the months since its invasion of Ukraine and has purchased drones from Iran.
Now, the fear of America and the West regarding the export of drones from Iran to Russia can be significant from two perspectives:
First, any kind of arms deal and agreement with Iran can introduce to the world the power of military and defense deterrence and, most importantly, the types of advanced weapons made by Iran, and how far Iran has progressed in the field of military deterrence despite sanctions. In the case of trading and exporting Iranian drones to Russia, this will be realized, which is against the expectations and interests of America and the West.
On the other hand, the West and the United States, which actually fueled the war in Ukraine, have been the cause of the crisis in this country for several years, and in recent months, they have been helping Ukraine expand and keep warm and destroy Ukraine by sending free weapons every day. Now they are afraid that Russia will strengthen its drone capabilities by buying drones from Iran, and most of all, with advanced untraceable drones made by Iran, it will identify and target the locations and deployment points of Western weapons, if this happens. As a matter of fact, both America and the West have suffered severe military damage, and they will fail in the short term at least in the way of achieving their goals, which is to draw a line around Russia and bring Ukraine into the NATO bloc.
Therefore, the fear and concern of America and the West about the export of Iranian drones to Russia is not the issue of ending the war and emphasizing peace and not strengthening the opposite sides, but the fear of introducing Iranian weapons as a global brand that can attract the attention of many countries and buyers.
On the other hand, the concern is that the weight of the balance is in favor of Russia and the neutralization of the weapons that America and the West have sent to Ukraine, and the use of Iranian drones may harm all the funds and investment of America and the West in keeping the war in Ukraine burning.
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