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A treacherous leader who is proud of his record

13 Aug 2022 - 10:58

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) – Daily View: Ashraf Ghani, who gave an interview to a new media outlet one year after his escape from Kabul, says that he is still the "elected" president of Afghanistan and until the power is transferred by the people to another person, he will be the president based on the law. He also claimed that the Minister of Defense had fled before him and he was the last one to leave Kabul.

In a conversation with ABN, Ashraf Ghani considered many hands to be involved in the downfall of the regime and highlighted the role of Zalmay Khalilzad and Abdullah Abdullah in this regard.
He said: Zalmay Khalilzad's problem with me was that I was Afghan and Muslim. According to him, Khalilzad had divided the Afghan political class with his plans and promises.
He called this former American official an "incompetent, corrupt and hateful" person.
He also accused Abdullah Abdullah of national treason because of his 50% share in power, hindering the strengthening of the republican system.
His recent interview, which was his first face-to-face conversation with a media after his cowardly escape from Afghanistan, showed that he not only does not feel ashamed or regretful of what he did; Rather, he prides himself on it and seeks to justify and acquit himself by blaming others.
It shows that despite a year of living in humiliating isolation, he still hasn't come to the conclusion that he did something wrong. Betraying the ideals of the people who deserved a human life in their homeland is not something that is considered a great sin from Ghani's point of view.
While he brazenly claims that he is still the "elected" president of the people of Afghanistan and will keep this title until the power is transferred from the people's channel to another person. But as the "elected president" he does not want to accept his direct responsibility for the great collapse and the coming of poverty and disaster for millions of people. This is despite the fact that if he was actually the president and still thinks that he is the president, then why does he not fulfill his responsibility to save his people from poverty and disaster?
He says that Khalilzad and Abdullah played a role in the downfall. No one denies the negative and destructive role of Zalmay Khalilzad as a representative of the arrogant power of America in Afghanistan. It is also true that in Ghani's interpretation, he denied and gave up his Afghan and Islamic identity; But where did Ghani's Afghanism and Islamism go when he obeyed Khalilzad's orders and led the country towards disaster and collapse? Does an Afghan and Muslim leader listen to the orders of a lowly and mercenary element? Why didn't he turn to the people and ask for their help to confront Khalilzad and the destructive plans of someone who had become "incompetent, corrupt and hateful" in Ghani's words? Wasn't he "chosen" by the people and was he not directly responsible for their fate? Why does he say these words a year later: when he fled the country and destroyed everything?
Abdullah's passive positions and marginal games in the direction of depriving the constitution of credibility and legitimacy and granting unfair legitimacy to the president who, through fraud and tampering with the people's votes, a coup against the constitution and the will of Western embassies and NATO military commanders It cannot be denied that he had usurped power; But none of these cases absolve Ashraf Ghani of responsibility for the collapse and disaster; Because according to himself, he was the "elect president", he was the supreme commander of the armed forces, and all the ways from concluding and signing peace treaties to starting a war and surrendering and handing over power and the fall of the regime ended with him.
That he claims that he was the last person who fled the country is also not true; because based on a fraudulent scenario, he had made an appointment with the Minister of Defense minutes before escaping. This means that the Minister of Defense was still present in Kabul.
On the other hand, Abdullah, who was accused by Ghani of "national treason" and called one of the culprits of the fall, stayed in Kabul and did not flee. So it was Ghani's escape that marked the downfall.
With all these recent conversations, he once again aroused the anger, hatred and disgust of the Afghan people towards this corrupt, mercenary, puppet and unworthy leader; One year after inflicting deadly disasters on a defenseless nation, he is not even willing to admit his fault and make a simple apology.

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