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The Islamic Emirate and our positions; Reasons and consequences (7)
But what the officials of the Islamic Emirate should know
The points and contents that I wrote in the previous parts; There are opportunities and capacities that can be counted and defined mostly in the area of ​​the Islamic Emirate, and certainly its opponents do not have these characteristics and exceptions, but it seems natural that the people involved in the Islamic Emirate can take advantage of this opportunity if they can. and capacities to develop and consolidate the foundations of their authority, the well-being and comfort of the people, and the territorial integrity of the country, if they also comply with other conditions, and in other words; The opportunities and characteristics available and at the disposal of the Taliban are not all, but they can be relatively in favor of their rule, not absolutely. In this part, I will mention these conditions in the form of a list, if they are met, it can be definitely said that the war will end in Afghanistan and the country's sovereignty will be established, and the people will see the face of happiness.
Some of those conditions include:
1- Inclusive government
Although some of the officials of the Islamic Emirate still say that their government is inclusive, it will certainly work to put the regulation and formulation of a large administrative structure in the agenda that the citizens of the country can see themselves in.
What I mean by being inclusive does not mean giving a share to the real and legal personalities who, especially during the last twenty years, based on this share, rode on the dust of the people, in the name of race and religion, put the people in black soil and only to They were concerned about their own pocket and fattening their family and close friends, but worthy and worthy elements, both in terms of commitment and expertise, from every nation and followers of every religion, especially Shia, should have a serious presence at all levels of governance.
2- Islamic and progressive constitution
 In order to achieve a stable and prosperous Afghanistan, and for the government to be able to walk in a specific and determined path, having a progressive Islamic constitution is an important and inevitable issue; the constitution that defines the definitions, priorities, structures and goals of the new Islamic system of Afghanistan. In this case, first of all, a commission consisting of scientific and political elites affiliated with the Islamic Emirate and outside it needs to be formed as soon as possible to draft this law, and after that, the Loya Jirga approves the constitution with the presence of people's representatives and the support of the community to be held globally. In the end, it is even possible to put the constitution to a public referendum to gain popular legitimacy. The constitution can guarantee the survival of the government and its efficiency, as well as the development of the country and guarantee the rights of all the people of Afghanistan.
3- Freedom of expression, political party activities and right to vote
Freedom of expression makes the nation's visionary watcher of the government and other national institutions and forces everyone to answer for their wrong behavior and speech, and without it, tyranny will emerge, the existence of parties increases the enthusiasm among the society, the background It provides healthy competition in all areas of local and national construction, and the existence of the right to vote and the opinion of the people in determining the political destiny creates national authority, and of course, the current three mentioned issues in Afghanistan, i.e. freedom of speech, freedom of party activities political and social organizations and civil assemblies and having the right to vote for the nation, but within the framework of Islamic laws, the constitution and by-laws, are other conditions that compliance and implementation will make the government more successful in carrying out its assigned tasks.
4- The rights of Shia
Not much can be said about this issue; On the one hand, the government of the republic under the occupation of the West included the officialization of the Jafari religion in its constitution, surely an Islamic government will not act worse or weaker than that to stand against its officialization. On the other hand, not only have there been no statements from the high authorities of the Islamic Emirate regarding the non-officialness of the Jafari religion, which in addition to the free and respected Shia ceremonies and rituals, especially the Muharram, the personal conditions of Shias are also in accordance with The rulings and laws of the Jafari religion have been implemented and applied, and on the third hand, it is unlikely that the religious and citizenship rights of the Shia, who make up nearly ten million people in the country, will be ignored by the Islamic Emirate, whether it is otherwise Added to the complexities of the macro-management of the country, the basis of dissatisfaction of this large and wide population has emerged, naturally, it will provide a source and a ground for the exploitation of the enemies of this soil.
But even so, it will not be amiss to remind and emphasize this matter that; Paying attention to the followers of the Jafari religion and securing their religious rights and citizenship, which consists of religious, patriotic, servant and hard-working people to ensure public security and build a proud Afghanistan, can be one of the country's most important priorities and in the following The recognition of other religious and even religious minorities will be more effective in establishing peace and stability.
5- Appointing committed and expert elements at the top of government positions
One of the challenges facing the Islamic Emirate is the presence of inexperienced or less experienced and non-expert officials at the head of some government responsibilities, which unfortunately has caused many problems. Although this shortcoming is due to the Emirate's lack of preparation to dominate the entire country, even though it was supposed to divide the power between the parties by half or a little less and more, based on the peace negotiations with the mediation of the United States between the Taliban and the Republic, but this process did not happen and with the escape of Ashraf Ghani and the collapse of his government from within, 100% sovereignty was given to the Taliban, and it is certainly difficult to provide management forces that have both commitment and expertise in the short term, but anyway Now, one year has passed since the Islamic Emirate's life, and of course, appointing experts at the top of government responsibilities will be very effective in the growth and improvement of the living conditions of the people and the country.
6- Realization of general amnesty in the true sense of the word
At the beginning of this process, the leadership of the Taliban announced a general amnesty for the whole of Afghanistan, and the senior officials of the Islamic Emirate, while emphasizing the strict implementation of this order and guiding the sub-communities towards the observance of the amnesty, regularly announced that they are still bound by It was the ruling of the leadership, so far no oppressor has been wronged, but on the other hand, there have been numerous reports of violations of the general amnesty in different ways, and many real and legal personalities have admitted to violating the amnesty order but at least what the author has witnessed and heard many statements, public fear and apprehension, even people who did not have any responsibility in the previous government and had a policy contrary to its internal and external policies, from regular take and close And there is a constant presence of different agencies of the emirate, especially the government intelligence, if this procedure has happened many times in the corners of the country, especially in Kabul, or the police and security forces in any area with little claims and complaints from the person or people, whether right or wrong. Against a person or other people, quickly send a complaint to the agent behind the gate, without a complaint After investigation and prior notice or court order, they arrest and summon him to the relevant area. It is certain that even if there is 100% security in a country, but there is no feeling of security, the people, especially prominent figures, even if they had responsibilities in the previous government, but they intend to serve under the shadow of the Islamic Emirate, and they are fully committed to this purpose and they seem to be honest, they are completely sure of life and financial security, and they don't have any damage to their dignity and social credibility, and they always spend their days with fear and worry. The country has joined the ranks of the opposition, in the most optimistic case, if they do not stand in the way of their military goals, they will at least use cyberspace to slander and unmask them, thus increasing the tendency to damage the sovereignty more than in the past.
Therefore, one of the important conditions for the expansion of the government's social bases and the strength of its administrative pillars is to include all the citizens of the country, with all their thoughts and beliefs and good and bad work records. Therefore, the real realization of general amnesty and the provision of public psychological security will be an important condition for the powerful continuation of the rule.
7- Activating girls' schools
The most important task of a government, especially the Islamic government, is to provide girls with education; On one side of this spectrum, future mothers and educators of the family and ultimately the community will be essential in the growth, dynamism and authority of the people and the country, not a minor factor, and on the other hand, Afghanistan needs outstanding female managers, especially in the fields of education and health.
Shouldn't Afghan women be examined by a female doctor and then treated and treated by a female nurse when they are sick?!
In addition, Islam mandates the education of both men and women, and especially from the beginning of Islam, I have not heard or seen from any source or authority that has declared the education of girls and women prohibited. Although I heard that some officials of the late Islamic Emirate had mentioned the lack of infrastructure for girls' education as the reason for the closure of girls' schools, recently the Acting Minister of Education of the Acting Government made a surprising statement that the people of Afghanistan do not want their girls to go to school. Go to school!!!
Blocking schools for girls in this region, in addition to fueling people's strong dissatisfaction with the Islamic Emirate, especially the youth, gives an excuse to the Afghan opposition and opposing and enemy countries to justify their hostile actions. Therefore, not only opening girls' schools, but helping to develop and deepen them in the country, especially in the current conditions, is one of the most important issues that must be addressed by the Islamic Emirate.
8- Considering priorities
There are many things that need to be done in the country, but it is not possible to put all of them in the agenda at once, or it is not necessary to neglect many very important and vital things and stick to the priorities of the hand.
Today, the most important priorities of the country; The first is to pay attention to cultural affairs and increase the specialized and at least general understanding of the people, which can almost be acknowledged if only this priority is paid attention to, at the heart of it will be the provision of security and improvement of the people's living conditions and the raising of the public's political consciousness, but considering Due to the importance of providing security and then improving the economic situation of the people, they are considered as priorities after the emphasis on work and cultural activities.
Therefore, although some issues are important, they cannot be assigned the first rank in the priority categories, so neither the government's time is wasted nor the subject should be given to foreigners to mislead the minds of the people and the world with poisonous projections.
9- and other conditions
 There may be other conditions that are not mentioned in order to avoid the length of the article, but the observance of these few limited points mentioned will be extremely important and can complement and help the indicators that are mentioned in the 5th part were pointed out. Otherwise, it seems natural that small and large internal and external problems, obstacles and dilemmas will go hand in hand and seriously disrupt the progress of governance, and then regret will not be useful.
10- But our duty
I; Sayed Isa Hussaini Mazari, Shia of Afghanistan, born in Balkh province (Mazar-e-Sharif city), currently living in Kabul and a believer in the authority of the jurist, and follower of the, Grand Ayatollah Imam Khamenei, (may God bless him) and all my colleagues in the framework The collections under my management, especially Tebyan Social Cultural Activities Center and Afghan Voice Agency (AVA), we acknowledge; Paying close attention and emphasis to securing the national interests and territorial integrity of the country and interacting with the Islamic Emirate and cooperating with it, trying to build a free, independent and Islamic Afghanistan, is the highest duty of all countrymen and with respect to all the elders, the Council of Ulama, the seminarian scholars and academics, I make a desperate request to the general public, especially Shia; to devoted all their efforts to solving the problems inside the country and took full advantage of the golden opportunities that arose. Small and big, war and insecurity and work to establish peace, stability and security and build Afghanistan, and say no to any divisive calls and cheering the enemy, strike a strong and powerful hand against the ill-wishers of the country and the people of Afghanistan and prove it in this way who have enjoyed significant intellectual maturity, understanding the harmful consequences of war and insecurity, are looking for peace, stability and security throughout and a prosperous, free, independent and proud Islamic Afghanistan.
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