Publish dateFriday 7 October 2022 - 13:03
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occupation under the pretext of human rights; A tactic that failed
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Daily view: Karen Dicker; The Chargé d'Affaires of the American Embassy in Afghanistan ruled out the possibility of his country's military presence in Afghanistan again and said that his country is willing to talk in this regard.
In a virtual conversation with reporters, he called it difficult to answer the question of whether the United States might intervene militarily in Afghanistan again; But he said that his country is interested in dialogue.
Dicker emphasized that there is no chance that America will intervene militarily in Afghanistan again.
He said that the country will use all its diplomatic and political efforts so that the Islamic Emirate fulfills its obligations to respect human lives and human rights.
He added that something should be done so that the Islamic Emirate adheres to the standards that are accepted by almost every country around the world.
Dicker also said that he was deeply concerned about human rights in Afghanistan, which he believed were inseparable from America's security interests.
In the first step, this was a humiliating confession by the senior American diplomat in Afghanistan affairs; Because he openly admitted that America has no way to return to Afghanistan.
The meaning of this statement is that America has been irrevocably defeated in Afghanistan and will not be able to bear the burden of this shameful defeat for many years to entertain the idea of ​​returning to Afghanistan or military intervention in its affairs.
Let's not forget that this is the position of the second position of the embassy, ​​which during the 20 years of American and NATO occupation, wrote plans for the management of Afghanistan, moved and appointed senior officials of the Kabul government, interfered directly in the election results, and He would bring the desired pieces to power, draw lines and make policies for the security and politics and management and development and stability of the country, and the lord of the citadel was not even able to make a foreign trip without his permission, and all The text and content of their positions, decisions and programs were determined and prepared by the American Embassy.
Now America does not even have an ambassador in Kabul, and the charge d'affaires of the American embassy, ​​who is probably based in Doha, Qatar, humiliatingly admits that America prefers to talk instead of military intervention!
This does not indicate a change in America's hegemonic policy; Rather, it means the humiliating defeat of Washington and its allies in the 20-year war. They never want to return to Afghanistan. Because they don't want to try their dark luck in controlling the graveyard of empires again.
The second issue is that America still ties the rusty and propaganda tactic of human rights to its national security and tries to use this lever to unilaterally give itself the right to political independence, national sovereignty and the territorial integrity of the state. to violate the independent rights, violate the legitimate rights of nations to determine their own destiny, and occupy other countries under the pretext of overthrowing dictatorial regimes and the rule of democracy and restoring human rights.
Even today, if the United States had enough power and if it did not face the resistance of the people during the years of occupation of Afghanistan and achieved some successes, and if there was a need for military intervention and spending money, weapons and Washington's power in the wars There was no current and potential such as Ukraine and Taiwan. Undoubtedly, the violation of human rights as a matter of American national security would have provided the leaders of Washington with the excuse to intervene militarily in Afghanistan and impose their occupation control over our nation. impose
But the regrettable, irreparable and memorable lessons of 20 years of brilliant resistance of the Afghan people against the US and NATO occupation, as well as the new priorities of the regime in Ukraine and Taiwan and elsewhere, have made the senior official of the US Embassy to Afghanistan, despite All interventionist positions that violate the independence of our country should rule out military intervention and prefer dialogue; A conversation that, without a doubt, will never lead to the acceptance of the United States' dominance over the destinies of our country.
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