Publish dateThursday 3 November 2022 - 12:09
Story Code : 260478
Sayed Azizullah Abbasi: Those who worked in important government positions and non-governmental institutions during the past 20 years had good qualifications and had many facilities at their disposal and had the opportunity to work for the development of the country, but unfortunately, in these years, they did the smallest useful work. They didn't do anything to rebuild Afghanistan, while billions of dollars were poured from the countries of the world for good governance, poverty alleviation, reconstruction and educational sectors of Afghanistan, which were regretted by high-ranking officials of the previous government and people who were connected with foreign institutions.
The research conducted by various national and international organizations during the republic showed that 90% of Afghan citizens are below the poverty line and the remaining 10% were working in foreign institutions or the government. Therefore, it can be said that the presence of during twenty years, America in Afghanistan not only did not improve the lives of the people, but poverty and hunger increased and the citizens' livelihood became smaller.
Although the Westerners knew that corrupt and self-interested people were in important government positions, but because they had no will to rebuild Afghanistan, they supported the corrupt and provided them with the opportunity to transfer money to other countries. Westerners caused 10% of the rich Afghan population and the rest to fall below the poverty line, and with the passage of time, people distanced themselves from the government.
When the Americans left the country, in collusion with their puppet Afghans in high government positions and non-governmental institutions, they not only took the money with them; they also destroyed all the economic and military infrastructure.
The heads of the republic and people who considered themselves to be loyal to the country and the people, as well as defenders of human rights and women's rights, raised their voices in the media to sue and received projects from different institutions under different titles; But after the fall of the republic, these people left the citizens alone and first of all ran away and became refugees in the countries that they had already prepared for themselves and their children. It is interesting that these same corrupt people are now denying human rights.
The mentioned factors caused that after the fall of the Republic, the country's economy fell sharply and the people fell into extreme poverty and hardship. On the other hand, the United States sanctioned Afghan banks and created many problems for traders in the import and export of goods. The economic crisis increased.
Western countries, after suffering a severe defeat in Afghanistan, are now looking for an ethnic war in the country and are trying to create another crisis by assigning their henchmen to work, including continuous projections in cyberspace.
The place of happiness is here, even though the negative propaganda of ethnocentrism has been circulating in the western media for more than a year, it has not had much impact on the public opinion in Afghanistan, because the people are aware of their past activities and their escape after the fall of the republic.
If the officials of the republic had worked compassionately in the past twenty years, there would not have been corruption in their work, and now the economy of the country would not be paralyzed, but unfortunately they preferred their personal interests over the collective interests, stole the money of the treasury and invested it in other countries of the world.
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