Publish dateThursday 24 November 2022 - 12:27
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Who decides about the assets of the Afghans?
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Today's view: Afghanistan's national assets are under the monopoly of the United States, and an American delegation oversees them, and millions of people in our country are suffering from poverty, hunger, and unemployment. To save themselves from this situation, they embark on millions of migrations and floods in deadly and dangerous routes or sell their body parts to family members within the country.
The Afghanistan Trust Fund Supervisory Board held its first meeting in Geneva.
Two months ago, this board was formed to monitor the process of spending 3.5 billion dollars of Afghan assets that were transferred to a bank in Switzerland.
Shah Mahmood Mehrabi; The Afghan member of this board, who is also a member of the Supreme Council of the Central Bank, said: "The goal is to use 3.5 billion dollars of assets to stabilize prices in the market and for people to benefit from it."
He added: "The first meeting of the decision board was taken in sections; "The decision to create a joint Afghan advisory committee, the decision on where to invest the money, the hiring of an executive secretary, as well as an evaluation and monitoring committee."
The central bank, however, called the decisions of this supervisory board "unfair" and said: "Foreign reserves of Da Afghanistan Bank are the property of the people of Afghanistan and have been used for many years to maintain monetary stability, strengthen the financial system, and facilitate trade with the world."
Although the "decisions" adopted by the Afghanistan Trust Fund Supervisory Board regarding the manner and context of spending half of the country's foreign currency assets transferred by the United States to a Swiss bank are vague and not properly clear; But the central bank, probably knowing the content of these decisions, has evaluated them as "unfair" and this shows that the decisions made are never in the interest of the people of Afghanistan.
Even if the statement of the Central Bank was not issued, the decision about the national assets of an independent country by one or more other countries in a place other than that country is not fair and it is considered as an indication of interference and influence and illegitimate opinion of other powers. He comes and is condemned.
As stated in the Central Bank's statement, this money belongs to the people of Afghanistan, only they or their legitimate representatives have the right to decide about it, own it, and use it to meet their needs in various fields.
But a power called America will not allow this to happen, for the simple reason that money is beyond the reach of the people and government of Afghanistan, and Washington is currently having problems with the caretaker administration of Kabul.
The excuses of human rights and expressing concern about the possibility of using these funds to strengthen terrorism are only false justifications to legitimize an illegitimate decision. America, as it has already announced, is not the "policeman of the world" that makes decisions about global security and punishes independent nations wherever it decides in the name of international security and deprives governments of access to their own financial resources.
America itself is the biggest supporter of terrorism, the most notorious violator of human rights and the most criminal government in the field of occupying countries, killing innocent people, and oppressing free and anti-colonial nations. Therefore, if there are concerns about the financing of terrorism, the first country that should be concerned about its financial policies for the development of terrorism is America.
On the other hand, Afghanistan's national assets are under the monopoly of America, and an American puppet delegation oversees it, and millions of people in our country are suffering from poverty, hunger, and unemployment, and to save themselves from this situation, They embark on millions and flood migrations in deadly and dangerous routes or sell their body parts to family members within the country.
This is the most obvious example of the violation of human rights committed by the criminal America; The American who, in a double and hypocritical game, continues to pretend to defend human rights and carries the heavy and false title of "the biggest donor to Afghanistan".
The people of Afghanistan do not need America's "help", they just want their assets to be freed from America's shackles so that they can access it themselves, make decisions about how and where to use it, and monitor all its processes.
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