Publish dateSaturday 26 November 2022 - 09:49
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The duty of immigrants against the disturbances in Iran
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Today's view: Abdul Rahman Rashid; The deputy of the Ministry of Emigrants and Returnees of the Islamic Emirate asked Afghan immigrants in neighboring countries not to participate in protest rallies and riots.
These days, Iran and Pakistan are witnessing protest rallies and riots.
By publishing a video message, he asked the Afghan immigrants to "live in a state of good emigration".
Mr. Rashid called the protests and disturbances "the internal affairs of the neighboring countries" and asked the immigrants not to cooperate with the people of the host countries who are protesting. Do not spoil the occasion and your life.
He said that Afghanistan had good relations with neighboring countries.
Earlier, during the riots in Iran, Amnesty International published the names and details of two Afghan immigrant children living in Iran in a report and claimed that they were killed during the riots in Tehran.
After this claim, the western media launched extensive efforts to exploit the large population of Afghan refugees and refugees in Iran to intensify the riots and expand its scope, and by providing a black army for rioters or fueling insecurity.
This is despite the fact that even Amnesty International's claim about the death of two Afghan immigrants during the Iranian riots has not been confirmed by any independent source. No documents have been published about these people, the manner and time of their death, and even their families and relatives have not commented on this.
Nevertheless, the Western media, which act directly as a propaganda platform for riots and in this context, deliberately ignore the most obvious principles of neutrality, journalistic ethics and professional requirements in media work, are excused from the baseless claim of amnesty.
In the meantime, of course, a very limited number of Afghan celebrities and activists have supported the unrest in Iran with a Facebook post or photo and shared the slogans used by the rioters and their supporters.
But this never reflects the views of the majority of Afghan people. In addition, the large community of Afghan immigrants in Iran has never accompanied the disturbances and tried to either remain neutral in this regard or to support the policies, plans and programs of the government and the security and law enforcement agencies of the Islamic Republic. Iran, respect and observe it.
Therefore, the intensive efforts and extensive propaganda of the Persian-language media in London to bring Afghan immigrants to the stage and accompany them with the disturbances in Iran failed shamefully, and they, as always, were unable to destroy the decades-old relations between The millions of immigrants and the people and authorities of the Islamic Republic of Iran have become disappointed and disillusioned.
In the meantime, the Islamic Emirate's reasonable position regarding warning Afghan immigrants from participating in disturbances and protests in Iran and Pakistan, emphasizing their peaceful and fraternal life with the people of the host community, and clearly pointing to the good neighborliness and friendly relations between Afghanistan and its neighbors, is a duty It enlightens the immigrants about the current situation in Iran and Pakistan and reminds them that knowingly or unknowingly participating in the disturbances and protests of the host countries is not beneficial and wise, nor is it good neighborliness and good neighborly relations between nations and Governments are consistent.
From the point of view of religion, politics and security, no common sense dictates that the immigrants who have lived in other countries for decades and have enjoyed the privileges of a safe, peaceful and comfortable life, today participate in unrest, riots.
On the other hand, millions of Afghan immigrants have sought refuge in Iran and Pakistan due to war, insecurity, turmoil, occupation, foreign interference, and the activity of terrorist groups and instability in their country; Therefore, they know better than anyone else that if these disturbances reach the desired result of Iran's enemies, the Iranian people will not have a better fate than Afghanistan, and in the meantime, the peaceful life of Afghan immigrants will also be disturbed.
Therefore, they never want to become a messenger of insecurity, instability, and turmoil for the host country after living in Iran for decades and benefiting from the security, work, life, and extensive welfare facilities in this only safe country in the region.
According to these facts, the poisoned propaganda of London's Farsi-language media and the so-called Western human rights organizations to drag Afghan immigrants into Iran's riots will never come to fruition, and these riots will end with the sympathy and cooperation of the immigrants, the government and the nation. The host will be dismantled soon and the enemies of Islamic Iran will be disappointed as always.
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