Publish dateSunday 27 November 2022 - 14:13
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Daikundi disaster; What should not have happened!
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Today's View: Despite the explanations given by the Islamic Emirate's spokespersons, justice and Shariah require extensive investigations into the dimensions, contexts, reasons and factors of this tragedy and the visible and hidden hands involved in it and independent, and a fact-finding committee composed of representatives with the authority of the central government, including the judicial system, security institutions, intelligence, the Council of Shia and Sunni scholars, and real representatives of the local residents, should be established to investigate and report on this event.
Zabihullah Mujahid; the spokesman of the Islamic Emirate says that the security forces "suppressed a group of rebels in Daikundi".
However, the local people have said that the people of the Islamic Emirate have killed 8 civilians, including 3 children, by attacking residential houses in Siyuk and Shiber areas, and "three brothers of the same family and 3 children aged 11 to 14" are among the victims.
But Mr. Mujahid said that "reports were published about the presence of armed people in a house in Siyuk area of ​​Daikundi province. The security organs of the Islamic Emirate sent two local officials to tell them that the armed people should put down their weapons and not try to riot."
He says that the rebels refused to put down their weapons and clashed with the security forces when one security force was killed and two others were injured.
The Islamic Emirate claimed that after that its forces launched a "reciprocal attack" and as a result of the shootings, "9 armed men were killed and 4 of them were wounded".
Between these two claims, the truth of the matter is still not clear. In the meantime, of course, there is a third claim that says that this event has its roots in a long-standing enmity between two local tribes on earth, that the people of one of the tribes deceive them by communicating with the intelligence forces of the Islamic Emirate and claim It is known that a number of anti-Taliban armed forces have infiltrated this village.
However, there is no doubt that a tragedy has occurred and some innocent people have fallen victim to a deadly and catastrophic attack and a family or families have suffered greatly.
Even if they are dependent on armed enemies, women and children are immune, they are not considered war targets, and their rights, especially their right to life, must always be preserved during armed conflicts. What is not observed about the disaster of Daikendi and for this reason, most of the victims are children or teenagers.
Therefore, despite the explanations given by the spokespersons of the Islamic Emirate, justice and Sharia require that extensive and independent investigations be carried out on the dimensions, contexts, reasons and factors of the occurrence of this tragedy and the visible and hidden hands involved in it, and a truth commission. A committee consisting of representatives with the authority of the central government, including the judicial system, security institutions, intelligence, the council of Shia and Sunni scholars and real representatives of the local residents, should be created and investigate this event and report it openly and transparently to make available to the media and public opinion.
This helps to achieve justice for the oppressed victims of this event and the perpetrators and perpetrators of this disastrous massacre, as well as the grounds for possible abuses to fuel division and create a gap between the government and the people by biased and opposing elements. It destroys and becomes a lesson for the future that how the security forces should act in such situations, what training they should learn and what principles they should follow.
However, what can be said for now is that this is a total disaster; because in it, a number of innocent women and children have been sacrificed, and anyone who has committed it for any reason must be held accountable in front of Sharia law and justice.
Of course, it is clear that the security concerns and sensitivities of any government are understandable; but this does not justify the shedding of innocent blood and the launching of reckless and deadly military operations in residential and civilian areas.
And the last word is that if the expectations raised above, which are undoubtedly the main wishes of many people who have been affected by this shocking and horrible event, do not come true, this event is a reminder of the renewal and repetition of crimes, killings and disasters. It is horrible that during the 20 years of occupation of the country by the western criminal gangs and internal hired and mercenary forces against the civilians, women and children of the country, especially in the southern regions, no one was accountable for those crimes and was not punished. Therefore, it is expected that the Islamic Emirate will not be satisfied with the official explanations of its spokespersons about the Daikondi disaster and will take firm and reassuring steps to clarify the truth, implement justice and apply Sharia law, in order to achieve the persuasion of public opinion and fulfill the commitments.
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