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Opportunities and responsibilities

Today, an unprecedented opportunity has come to ensure positive relations between Afghanistan and the world

25 Mar 2023 - 9:19

Maulavi Amir Khan Muttaqi, Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan / The 50-year game has ended. The time has come to open a new chapter, strengthen relationships and heal wounds.

Since the revolution of August 15, 2021, and with the passing of more than one and a half years, the situation in Afghanistan is very positive, contrary to all the negative analyzes and scary predictions that were presented before the revolution. During the Doha-Qatar negotiations, a terrible forecast like the devastating civil wars of the 1990s echoed in the lobbies of Doha hotels on the tongues of most foreign diplomats; but our officials looked at the events from a different angle and we took the necessary measures on time. We not only ruled over the country's capital and major cities, but also took strong measures against the weak possibility of civil wars and practically answered all concerns with the humane and Islamic message of brotherhood and general amnesty.
Today, not only the war is over, but Afghanistan is governed by an independent, strong, united, central and responsible government for the first time in more than four decades. In this short period of time, we are working against the fatal dependence of the past period and we are making things Afghan through the capacity building of Afghans, and this makes our sense of ownership over our own land even stronger.
We know that international relations in today's world have made great strides as a result of constructive interaction between state and non-state actors. Relationships based on mutual respect and common interests are a necessity today and a reasonable way to preserve the interests of all parties. Based on this belief, the current government of Afghanistan is ready to interact positively with the world. We think that today is an unprecedented opportunity to ensure positive relations between Afghanistan and the world.
Inside the country, the unity of the Afghan society has become stronger than ever before and we are proud of its special and diverse structure, we do not believe in the division of majority and minority, every citizen of the country is an integral part of a single nation.
The conditions for this are very suitable for Afghanistan to show itself as a responsible and independent member of the international community in the field of global security, and the international community welcomes its independence by helping it stand up.
Our relations with the world will be independent, balanced and based on mutual respect, maintaining mutual legitimate interests, living together and building tomorrow.
Regarding the many internal issues of Afghanistan that have been misunderstood outside; there should be proper awareness. A detailed understanding should be created about the current structure and values of Afghanistan. Our religious and social sensitivities should be carefully interacted with. Our recent history has shown that any system that has not found balance has faced serious challenges.
To resolve existing and potential misunderstandings with others, we believe in honest discussions in a safe environment away from political, economic and security pressures. Experience has proven that pressure options do not work in Afghanistan.
The current human situation in Afghanistan is our common human responsibility and the world's. Trying to achieve political goals by imposing human crises is not a civilized and moral solution. One of the main reasons for Afghanistan's economic problems is the imposition of sanctions on our financial and banking system by the United States of America, which has hindered and delayed many civil and humanitarian projects in the country.
The basic solution to the current economic and human situation in Afghanistan is to remove the sanctions imposed on our banking and financial system and give Afghans a chance to find solutions to existing human problems with their own capacities and initiatives.
Accordingly, it is the responsibility of the United States of America to release the frozen assets of Afghanistan as soon as possible and remove all sanctions based on the Doha Agreement.
Will imposing financial and banking sanctions on a war-torn nation be politically or even morally justified for America?
We want to remind America and its allies that economic sanctions and other pressures cannot eliminate the gaps, but the only way to reduce the gaps is trust.
Afghanistan, which has a history of failure and collapse of systems, and even world powers and coalitions could not stop this process. The current system has established the foundation of governance to stop this vicious cycle of history. What will be the result of weakening the current Afghan government? Unless there is a humanitarian crisis and that crisis is not only limited to Afghanistan, but also has new security, immigration, economic and health challenges for the neighbors, the region and the world.
Afghanistan's economy had been relying on foreign aid for two decades without reason to the point of addiction. In today's critical situation, serious attention is needed at the high level for all-round assistance with the people of Afghanistan.
Our suggestion is to turn global aid into employment opportunities and to finance unfinished and new government projects with the aim of creating lasting effects.
Until the domestic economy is revived, cash aid cannot provide livelihood opportunities to tens of millions of people. The necessary conditions for the revival of Afghanistan's economy, such as security, political will, transparency and accountability, are more present than at any other time. Now it is necessary to lift the sanctions so that Afghans can work for their economic self-sufficiency.
In addition, barriers to international trade, extraction of untapped mineral resources and the implementation of large projects on a national and international scale should be removed so that the economic flow of the country returns to its normal state.
For our part, from the point of view of assured security and political will, we are ready to cooperate with any country based on common interests. A prosperous Afghanistan is for everyone's benefit, and an abandoned Afghanistan is for everyone's loss.
It is necessary for the international community to establish economic and political relations with the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan and treat Afghanistan as an independent country. The alternative way and repeating the failed experiences of the past is not in anyone's favor.
The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, which inherited from the previous regime and its international allies empty banks, imported electricity bills, drugs, four million people, administrative corruption, poverty, unemployment, stagnant economy, closed schools due to the corona virus and many other problems. During the last year and a half, it has made many progress. For example:
The security forces of the Islamic Emirate have provided security throughout the country and have not allowed anyone to use Afghanistan's soil against others;
- Drugs, which were detrimental to the whole world, reduced its cultivation to zero. Those who do not accept, come and evaluate the situation closely;
- For the first time, we organized our national budget, which was 70% dependent on foreign aid, from domestic revenues, nationalized the economic infrastructure and set it on the right track. To be more clear, the recent report of the World Bank is considered a good example in the field;
- Afghanistan, which had taken the world record in terms of corruption, was pulled out of that state, the report of the International Transparency Organization is a good reason in this regard;
- He provided the necessary land and air facilities for his countrymen to travel freely, which was actually the wish of the world.
Five hundred thousand agents of the previous regime were kept in the administrative structures.
Yes, we accept that there are problems and shortcomings; but solving it also requires time, cooperation and facilities, and there is no doubt that there are more or less problems in most countries of the world that others have endured.
We also accept that during the last 20 years, the international community had deployed tens of thousands of armed forces in Afghanistan, suffered heavy casualties, used advanced equipment and technology, and spent hundreds of billions of dollars; but did they get any positive results? And for the time being, what have they done with Afghanistan in the last year and a half, with the exception of humanitarian aid?
Can anyone say that they have extended the hand of goodwill against the positive actions of the Afghan government? Or have they done something else without advertisements, accusations and imposing pressures?
We have to accept this fact that the voice does not come from one hand.

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