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Victory Day!

20 Apr 2023 - 14:34

Dmitriy Zhirinov, Russian Ambassador to Afghanistan/ There is a museum in the suburbs of Moscow - "The way was remembered." 1418 steps to victory". Anyone who has visited this museum is deeply affected by it, and cannot understand the dimensions of that war and the cost of the victory of the people of the Soviet Union over Nazi Germany in May 1945. It is simply impossible to realize this. Every dead or wounded person of this war is not a line in a report or in an archive, but the pain and suffering of an unimaginable number of people who, in addition to tens of millions of people, were killed, executed and tortured by the fascists.
But, the millions of people who are now marching in the "movement of the immortals"? Many carry not one photo, not two, but many. These photos are the photos of those who achieved victory in the fronts and behind the fronts. On battlefields, in hospitals and in factories. These are just victories. This is a generation of winners who sacrificed themselves for the life of the country, the cafe of the people and a bright future.
This is heroism and bravery. This is the great revolution of the people of the Soviet Union, which together and individually created this victory. But after the war, the heroism was peaceful. The Soviet Union launched the first space satellite after 12 years and sent the first astronaut into space after 4 years. This is another example of the greatness and masculinity of the people of the Soviet Union.
Victory Day - the truest celebration, spiteful critics and those who preferred to surrender to the Wehrmacht, did not try to prove, even without a shot. Because despite the terror and pain, they  were great ancestors won, But it is a celebration of victory. While mourning for their loved ones and comrades, our ancestors were happy with the victory, and for us this is like a song in the eyes full of tears, but also a celebration. The big, main and most important celebration.

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