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The bitter reality of Hamster Kombat; Wasting life at what cost and why?
"Life" is the only real capital of every human during his lifetime, and the creators of Hamster Kombat telegram game, which is talked about a lot these days, are also using the stimulation of human greed and lust, especially teenagers and young people, in order to control the time of the players and waste their lives. and maintaining and increasing their users.
Seyed Zamen Ali Chavoshi/ The rule of income of the creators of digital programs is dependent and based on the number of users who are members in them and also the amount of presence of users in using those programs.

The goal of Hamster Combat game creators in the Telegram program, who take advantage of the stimulation and greed of the users of this program, is focused on two main parts:

1- Time control of the players of this game.

2- Increasing the income of the owners of this program by keeping its users.

According to the fatwa of some sources of imitation, the duty of the majority of believers and religious people is clear and clear before expanding the topic in this article, and with the issuance of the fatwa of the great verses that it is not permissible to earn from these games, it does not seem necessary to read this article to the end. do

The continuation of the article is aimed at those friends whose greed has boiled over and they simply do not pass by such incomes.

But do these users understand that how should we spend the time and opportunity that has been given to us under the title of life and what actions and actions can be the price and value of this gift and precious gift of God?

Since man is combined with the inherent characteristics of animals and his sensual desires are capable of stimulation, persuasion and development, the contemporary imperialist and capitalist economic structures have taken the most productivity from the boiling and boiling of these characteristics and with false and deceptive promises, they set the stage for seduction of the seduced. gain.

Stimulation of human's sensual tendencies weakens the rational power and makes the human's wisdom characteristics passive, this category is confirmed and confirmed by the Quranic theoretical paradigms and western philosophers.

In this regard, in the Holy Qur'an, the stimulation of sensual tendencies is referred to as following and obeying the desires of the soul, and Western philosophers also refer to it as the domination of unwise dimensions over the wise dimension of man.

Therefore, the structures of capitalist schools have realized this importance and have become aware that by stirring up the sensual desires of people, they can be dominated and by controlling them, they can make their desired productivity from them.

Of course, it should be mentioned that the set of intellectual foundations of human economic schools is also based on the same rule of "greed, desire and greed".

This is the reason why the Hamster Kombat game players have fallen victim to the tricks of the owners of this Telegram program, they use their time to get money.

What is it allowed to spend time on?
According to the verses and narrations, human beings were not created except for worship, and also in the life of the Imams of the Infallible Imams (AS), serving God's creation is one of the best acts of worship.

The length of human life is specific to worship and also providing services to the human society, but how to provide services is the essence of this issue. Now, it is possible to receive material and money in exchange for providing services, but the price of providing services can never be compared with money.

What kind of services does participation in Hamster Combat offer to the community?
How can consuming "life", which is the most basic and main human capital, in exchange for being present without services, be a valid reason, except for "obedience from the air of the soul?"

As long as the output of human activity minus the material receipt is absurd and absurd, human life will be wasted in performing that action and its damage will never be compensated.

An example of Kharvar: an architect who builds a building, if he does not receive money, the result of his action is to build a shelter that the society will benefit from, and the price of his service will definitely be reserved with the Lord.

In the same way, a doctor who treats a disease, a teacher, a mechanic, a judge, a designer, and in summary the set of services that exist in the society, minus the monetary income, has meaning and meaning more than money, and that is the price of that action, which is higher than its material and monetary receipts. is.

But in Hamster Kombat and similar games, which seduce people by stimulating their greed, giving them false promises, and then by wasting their time, they disfigure them and make themselves fatter and fatter, no service is offered.

Therefore, in the apocalypse, when most of the signs of the advent have already taken place, it is recommended for the guardians and followers of the Promised Mahdi (A.S.) to avoid wasting everything, especially wasting time!
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