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Hussaini Mazari's meeting with members and senior staff of Tebyan Center in Tehran;

Confrontation with the Islamic Emirate is not wise/ interaction with the Islamic Emirate is the best possible path

Confrontation with the Islamic Emirate is not wise/ interaction with the Islamic Emirate is the best possible path
Hojjat-ul-Islam wal-Muslimin Sayed Isa Hussaini Mazari, the general director of the Tebyan Center for Social Cultural Activities and the Voice of Afghan (Ava) news agency, who after a long trip inside Afghanistan, traveled to Tehran this time to visit the offices of this center in the Islamic Republic of Iran, in a The meeting with the senior staff of Tebyan Center's representative office in Tehran, consulted and talked with the members regarding the policies of this center, especially in the last one year. In this meeting, the prominent cadres of the Tebyan Social Cultural Activities Center in Tehran declared their support for the center's interactive policies, as the only active and dynamic center in Afghanistan.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Tehran: In this first meeting of Hojjatul Islam wal Muslimin Seyyed Isa Hussaini Mazari; The head of the Tebyan Center for Social Cultural Activities listed the reasons for the policy of interaction with the Islamic Emirate, which was previously adopted in consultation with a number of senior officials of the Tebyan Center inside and outside the country.
In the introduction, he stated: In relation to the policies of Tebyan Center, especially in the last one year, most of the members have been consulted and talked about, and in order to achieve the goals of the organization, all the members are trying and fighting. Tebyan Center has always had its positions in accordance with religious, cultural and national interests and at the same time it has been influential and with the passage of time, its correctness, truth and honesty will be revealed to everyone.
Changing the approach towards the Islamic Emirate from criticism to interaction; Why?
This prominent political activist in the country stated: During the first period of the Taliban government, the Tabian Center had stubborn and critical positions against this movement and it was the only organization that did effective work against the Taliban when they first arrived, and has continued to do so in the last 20 years. Sean had critical positions, but with the recent development and the rule of the Islamic Emirate and the fall of the Republic, we paused for a while and then after studying the situation and consulting with the influential members and elements in the organization, we decided that we should interact with the Islamic Emirate and if we don't interact, our people and religious movements will definitely suffer.
The first reason;
He added: The first reason that made us enter into interaction with the Islamic Emirate is that we want to be on the side of our people and stabilize the position of our people, because the struggle becomes meaningful when a movement or an individual is on the side of the people. He should be his people, be concerned about their condition, and strive for the growth and promotion of people and to eliminate the obstacles and problems of society.
Based on this, Hussaini Mazari stated: We also went to Afghanistan when we saw that the currents and personalities left the country and the people were afraid, despite the fact that the situation was completely unclear, and after that, the people who supported us they knew, they were relieved and stopped the urgent migration.
The second reason;
Regarding the second reason, he noted that the interaction with the Islamic Emirate is due to having common positions between the large complex of the Tebyan Center and the other side. Many of our positions are in common with the Islamic Emirate, including the discussion of Islamic values.
In explaining this issue, the head of the Tebyan Center noted: After 20 years, an Islamic narrative prevailed. In the past 20 years, when we passed through the cities, the non-religious and anti-religious atmosphere prevailed more than the religious atmosphere, but now in big cities and small cities, everyone there is a ruling Islamic narrative, and we confirm this narrative and agree with this situation.
Of course, he pointed out that we are not saying that there are no problems, we are saying that there may be dozens of problems in the structure and policies of the emirate, but these problems can all be considered and criticized. We have never said and we will not say that the Islamic Emirate is 100% reasonable and acceptable and has no problems, but with the description of these problems, work should be done to solve them; the elites of the society should enter the country and do serious work in different fields. In this case, it will give very good developments in the field of people's lives and these problems will be solved.
The head of Tebyan Center continued; The propaganda that exists and says that the Taliban are extremists; They kill, beat and arrest, there is no such thing, but we must say that the emirate is looking for the government and it is not like the time of the republic where anyone can do whatever they want by paying bribes or through intermediaries, but the emirate of those who feel that they are against the government. And the structure of the system moves, like other governments, they act along with them, like the case of Balkhab, which would have been dealt with if it happened in any other country.
The third reason;
According to him, the third reason for the interaction of the Tebyan Center with the Islamic Emirate is the anti-American nature of the Taliban, which is the dominant spirit of the Taliban organization and body against the United States and Western policies.
In one example, Hussaini Mazari said: A small example of that is the construction of the symbol of Jerusalem in the company area of ​​Kabul city, which is a big sign of the anti-colonialism and anti-Western nature of the Islamic Emirate, because if the structure was not anti-Western, this symbol would not have been created, because Israel is a red line. It is the West, and this symbol of Jerusalem is anti-Western, and our movement has been and is anti-American from the beginning, and this anti-authoritarianism is the command of God and the Qur'an.
The fourth reason;
He continued: The fourth reason for our interaction with the Islamic Emirate is that they are anti-ISIS. This work of the emirate prevents the rise of ISIS, which is supported by the United States. If ISIS were to gain power, it would cause serious problems for our people.
The fifth reason;
The head of the Afghan Voice (Ava) news agency said: Another reason for the Tebyan Center's interaction with the Islamic Emirate is the Emirate's opposition to Salafism and Wahhabism as takfiri movements, which are the intellectual origins of terrorist movements and groups such as ISIS.
The sixth reason;
Another reason for the interaction of the Tebyan Center with the Islamic Emirate is that the Emirate is anti-corruption: since the day the Emirate came to power, it has worked against corruption and destroyed the centers of corruption under any title. There was a situation in the past that if it continued, things would get very bad. There were centers of prostitution and corruption in front of the houses of scholars and ayatollahs, billboards of naked women covered the city and no one protested. The Americans held a concert in the country, which was unique even in America and Europe in terms of its outrageousness, unrestrainedness, and nudity, but not one person could make a sound. Prostitution and corruption rained down on Kabul, Herat, Mazar, Bamyan and other cities.
Hussaini Mazari continued: Festivals were held in Bamyan where men and women danced. The men who are currently tearing their throats under the title of women's rights miss those days, but now when you enter Afghanistan, you can breathe easy. It is neither a concert, nor dance, nor music; Manifestations of debauchery have gathered from the cities. Emirate has acted against moral corruption and their action has been successful.
According to him, the Islamic Emirate has also acted against political corruption. Political corruption in the past 20 years has been nothing but trickery and deceiving and deviating the people of the society. There was no real political movement at all, and in the name of politics, political parties and currents acted like that, which is not the case now.
The head of Tebyan Center continued: The Islamic Emirate has also acted against economic corruption and for now there is transparency, every month the Taliban administrations are obliged to declare their income. Some traders complain to the customs that the Islamic Emirate is charging high taxes, while it is not. These businessmen used to reduce the tax by half through bribery and corruption, but the Islamic Emirate takes the full amount and pours it into the government treasury.
He said: The Islamic Emirate is also anti-corruption, while in the past, no one did anything without taking a bribe, and all offices were bribed and all posts were bought. Even parliamentarians used to buy votes with money, positions in ministries were for sale, etc., but now it is not like that. You can do your work in the office without bribes.
The seventh reason;
According to Hussaini Mazari, the seventh reason for the interaction of the Tebyan Center with the Islamic Emirate is that the Emirate is against cultural vulgarities.
He explained: In the past, the state of media and television was such that we could not watch television with our family. Strange festivals were held under the titles of Almond Flower Festival, Apricot Flower Festival, and Potato Flower Festival, and many illegal activities took place under the cover of these movements. Now women without hijab are not present on televisions and such programs have been removed. Hijab issue is approved by our religion and school. Women are covered and no special hijab is imposed, there is no uniform, burqa and chador are not required, but there is a hijab. We are fans of this hijab.
Discussing the rights of the Shia community
This prominent political activist further clarified: the discussion of the rights of the Shiite community and the presence of our community in the cabinet remains. The Taliban still did not deny that they do not accept this, and in the conversations we had with the influential figures of the Islamic Emirate, they asked us for a plan, which we also gave. The formality of the Shia religion and the formality of Shia events in the calendar, including the funeral of Imam Khomeini (RA). They said let this caretaker government end, not only Shia, but even religious minorities will be recognized and will have freedom of action.
These issues have not been explicitly announced in public meetings; But they have not rejected each other explicitly, but they agree in private conversations.
He clarified: We have 70% of common positions and demands with the Islamic Emirate, the remaining 30% are ambiguous issues that the Shia community can achieve its rights only by its presence and strengthening itself.
Hussaini Mazari asked the elites and personalities to appear in the country and if they are afraid like this, their carpets will be gathered. We can't leave the scene and let the opposition do whatever they want! Everyone should return to Afghanistan; Shia is not a trend to be ignored. Now is not 1400 years ago. The condition is that we Shiites use the capacity inside the country and have the support of Aqaba. There are ignorant people who claim to follow Velayat al-Faqih, but oppose the policy of Velayat towards Afghanistan. If you consider yourself a follower and obedient to the province, then our current policy is the province's policy. Tebyan Center does not act against its religious standards and our ears are to the leader's mouth.
The eighth reason;
He further emphasized about the eighth reason for interaction with the Islamic Emirate: war is not in the interest of the people at the moment. We do not want war in Afghanistan under any circumstances. War is not welcomed domestically. Militancy is not justified in any way, especially from a religious point of view, and there is no spiritual leader who can make people jump and move towards war. On the other hand, the people's economy is extremely weak and 90% of the people are below the poverty line.
The head of the Tebyan Center pointed out that there is no acceptance of war from the political and security point of view, people don't want killing anymore. People do not want to be deceived. There is no regional acceptance of the war. In the previous era, there was this welcome and the resistance fronts were strongly supported, but currently the Islamic Republic does not have this approach. Iran, China, Russia and India, which are the 4 economic pillars of the East, are not interested in war and conflict in Afghanistan. Afghanistan, which is the heart of Asia, should be calm, but America, by supporting ISIS, Wahhabism, Salafism and supporting issues like the Balkhab issue, wants to make Afghanistan insecure and involve the countries of the region.
The ninth reason;
Another reason, according to him, is that there is no other alternative for the Taliban: who should we fight for? For the resistance front and council? This resistance front has two basic problems; First, the weakness of management. For 20 years, the members of this front were present in Afghanistan, they had camps, they had tanks and planes, they had people and they had money, but they could not protect their cities, but the Taliban defeated them with a motorcycle and a Kalashnikov, and as a result, they fled and even First-class relatives left. They left the most loyal people in the square and ran away from the scene.
In expressing the second problem of the resistance movement, Hussaini Mazari said: They are no longer in the mood to fight. They were metamorphosed in 20 years and do not have a religious or jihadist spirit. They may take money and rice from this and that country and send one or two hundred people's children who do not have enough money to the mountains and encourage them from outside, but they cannot resist unless there is a leader within them.
He added that if we start a war against the emirate, groups like ISIS and Wahhabism will rise.
So, according to the general director of Tabian Center, the emirate is currently in good hands, so let's try to create the right structures in the emirate and plan our demands.
The support of the senior members and cadres of Tebyan Center in Tehran for interactive policy with the Islamic Emirate
After presenting these reasons, the general director of Tabian Social Cultural Activities Center asked the participants to comment if they have any new and better suggestions for the type of interaction with the Islamic Emirate.
Then, a number of senior staff of the Tabian Center gave their opinion, referring to the current developments in Afghanistan in various fields, and considered it appropriate to interact and cooperate with the Islamic Emirate.
General Masoud, one of the prominent cadres of the Tabian Center, pointed to the time when the Islamic Emirate came to power again and the flight and collapse of Shia and Jihadist currents, parties and organizations with a long history, noted: the only organization that was able to maintain its position and base in the country, The center was Tabian and Mr. Hussaini Mazari was present on the stage with the support of the members of the center.
He then stated that if the Islamic Emirate accepts the Tabian center as a dynamic movement, there should be an interaction with them, we support the interactive policy of the Tabian center. The goal is to do something for people.
Also, Haji Sakhidad Ghebed, one of the other senior members of the Tabian Center, said: "It is not wise to confront the Islamic Emirate in any way in the current situation." There have been many positive changes compared to the past and we have actually seen that many of those who were in conflict with them in the past have accepted them, while if they were Jihadi currents, they might not have spared their opponents.
He also announced his serious support for the interactive policy of the Tebyan Social Cultural Activities Center and noted: We have seen how the parties and currents that are now talking about resistance, until they found the arena narrow, ran away and even left their closest people alone. Interaction with the Islamic Emirate is the best possible path for the current situation.
This political activist, a member of the Tebyan Center, also pointed to the concern of some Shiites regarding the removal of the Ashura holiday from the country's official calendar and said: Hussaini's Ashura cannot be removed, and neither is the Taliban, but no group can remove it, and every day on the crowd of Hussaini mourners in Ashura. It adds up to millions, so there is no need to worry.
In addition, Dr. Seyed Hasan Mousavi, head of the Tebyan Center office in Tehran, Seyed Abbas Hussaini, head of the Afghan Voice news agency (Ava) office in Tehran, Sayed Mehdi Hussainzadeh, Abdullah Hosni and Seyed Javad Mohseni from the senior staff of the organization in Tehran also gave objections and They supported the interaction policy of the Tebyan Center with the Islamic Emirate.
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