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Mazar-e Sharif Salāt al-Jumu'ah Imam:

Media should be vigilant about their programs in Ramadan

Media should be vigilant about their programs in Ramadan
Mazae-e Sharif (AVA)- Like all over the country, Salāt al-Jumu'ah was attended by thousands prayers in Balkh province.

HIVM Sayed Heidar Hashemi, the Mazar-e Sharif Salāt al-Jumu'ah Imam, said in Salāt al-Jumu'ah sermon that happiness and tranquility are the most fundamental needs for each live.

Calling this age "The age of stress", HIVM Hashemi said although tranquility and stress have existed since the human created, the stress and agitation have augmented these days.

He stated the researchers proved that those who are calm and tranquil and those who benefit from positive lives with constant happiness can stand against diseases and problems.

HIVM Hashemi said Ramadan month is approaching and our holy prophet (Pbuh) Hadiths about Ramadan are worth to preached.

Holy prophet Mohammad (Pbuh)said "God bless my successor" and he was asked "Who is your successor?". Holy prophet (Pbuh) replied "Those who will preach my Hadiths among people in future."

HIVM Hashemi quoted holy prophet (Pbuh) as saying that sins are removed in Ramadan. Therefore, the Muslims should prepare for such holy month. God said "Fasting belongs to me and I am the reward of the fasting."

Pointing to holy prophet Mohammad (Pbuh) Hadith about Ramadan month, he said "Those who pass Ramadan month and their sins are not forgiven by the God; God will bring them out of his mercy."

HIVM Hashemi finally addressed the media to be vigilant of the programs and he told people to control their social and personal situation and warned those who refuse to fast not to break it in public places.
Source : Afghan Voice Agency (AVA), Mazar-e Sharif
Saturday 6 July 2013 10:39
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