Publish dateSaturday 1 April 2023 - 12:33
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In a video message addressed to the Zionists in Hebrew, Lebanon's Hezbollah called them weaker than a spider's web and announced that soon, "you will be destroyed."
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Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): According to Al-Mayadeen, on Thursday, the "I24" channel of the Zionist regime announced the broadcast of a warning video message by the Lebanese Hezbollah resistance movement against the leaders of this regime on social networks. In this video message that was published on Thursday night, members of the Lebanese Hezbollah are seen armed and next to the flags of Lebanon and Palestine.
In the background of the video, the speaker of the message in Hebrew says to Israel: Your temporary nature is weaker than a spider's web, and Palestine will [forever] remain an Arab state.
In this message addressed to the Zionist regime, it is stated: Resistance is lurking for you with all its might and from where you don't think.
Sheikh Naim Qassem, Deputy Secretary General of Lebanon's Hezbollah, previously wrote on his Twitter account: As long as the Zionist occupation continues, they will perish in the shadow of the patient and mujahid nation like the Palestinian nation.
This message is published 2 weeks after the media of the Zionist regime admitted on 26 Hout that the theory of Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah, Secretary General of the Lebanese Hezbollah movement, regarding the hollowness of Israel is being realized.
The Zionist media reported: Nasrallah is very relieved about what is happening in "Israel" because the spider's house theory is being realized in front of his eyes.
Seyed Nasrallah had described the occupying regime as "weaker than a spider's house" during the celebration of the liberation of southern Lebanon from the Zionist enemy on May 25, 2000. This description has been engraved in the memory of the Zionists since then, and now the Hebrew media mentioned it again after the recent speech of the Secretary General of Hezbollah at the commemoration of the "Martyr Leaders".
The Zionist newspaper "Haaretz" also discussed in an article on the end of the month of Aquarius the speech of the Secretary General of Hezbollah in Lebanon in commemoration of the martyred leaders and described this speech as "Spider House 2".
In response to these words, the Zionist newspaper Ma'ariv stated that this speech revived the theory of the spider's house of the Israeli society.
Previously, the Zionist regime's "Network 12" in detailed reports analyzed the dimensions and effects of the speech of Seyed Hassan Nasrallah, the Secretary General of the Lebanese Hezbollah movement on February 16 and wrote: Nasrallah was happy with the internal situation of Israel.
Meanwhile, the Zionist regime has been facing unprecedented protests by Israelis in various cities against the government for several weeks, including the law to reform the structure of the judicial system of this regime, which was proposed by Netanyahu.
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