Publish dateThursday 25 May 2023 - 14:22
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Coinciding with the anniversary of the liberation of the Iranian city of Khoramshahr from the control of the Iraqi Ba'athist army, the Ministry of Defense of the Islamic Republic of Iran unveiled its latest strategic missile, stealthy and long-range, called "Khormshahr 4"/"Khyber". The range of this missile is 2000 km and it is equipped with a high-explosive warhead weighing 1500 kg. This missile has been successfully tested after its unveiling.
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Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Tehran: The Khyber missile is one of the most advanced missiles designed by the specialists of the Aerospace Organization of the Ministry of Defense of Iran. To create tactical capabilities, this missile is equipped with one of the most advanced liquid fuel engines and is designed in such a way that the engine is placed in the fuel tank, which has reduced the length of the missile to about 13 meters.
According to Iran Press, the warhead of this missile, with a length of about 4 meters, is one of the largest and most effective warheads produced, which can carry more than one ton of war materials.
The high speed of the warhead hitting the target makes the enemy's defense systems unable to detect, intercept and act to destroy the warhead. The difference between this missile and other previous generations is the accuracy of targeting in the middle phase (flying above the atmosphere).
Meanwhile, Amir Brigadier General Mohammad Reza Ashtiani, the Minister of Defense and Support of the Iranian Armed Forces, said at the unveiling ceremony of this missile: Today, the Khorramshahr 4 long-range strategic missile was unveiled with a message for friends and enemies. The message of the Ministry of Defense to the enemies is that defending the achievements of the Islamic Revolution is always on our agenda, and the enemy cannot stop our youth from progressing, growing and excelling. And the message of this action for our friends is to help peace and stability in the region and provide all-round support to our friends and countries that are on the path of fighting against the domination system and their positions are conscious and pacifist positions.
He emphasized that this missile is the result of several years of efforts of Iranian scientists in the Aerospace Industries Organization of the Ministry of Defense of Iran, and that one of the prominent features of this missile is its radar evasion and passing through the enemy's air defense system due to the low radar cross section.
But following this Iranian missile test, the Hebrew website of Baku has written from the Israeli media: Two days after the Israeli chief of staff threatened Iran, Iran tested a new ballistic missile with a warhead weight of 1.5 tons. The new missile can reach Israel and US bases in the Middle East.
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