Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) 6 Jul 2022 - 11:38 -------------------------------------------------- Title : Israel's extreme confusion and panic following Hezbollah's recent drone operation -------------------------------------------------- In a report, Rai Al-youm newspaper addressed the recent drone operation of Lebanon's Hezbollah over the Karish gas field and wrote that Hezbollah has set new standards. Text : Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Monitoring: It seems that the authorities as well as the Zionist settlers are in extreme confusion, distress and panic because for the fourth day, the Hebrew and Israeli media, reports, analyzes and important news Hizballah s drones dedicate an operation in which Hizbullah s drones easily passed the Israeli army s radars and moved towards the Karish gas field in the Tel Aviv-Beirut disputed area last Saturday.   In the beginning, the Israeli army claimed to have shot down Hezbollah drones, and the army spokesman boasted about this achievement in a statement. But a little time passed and the narrative changed and the army spokesman admitted that the Israeli Air Force is facing great difficulties in tracking and intercepting drones and had to use a frigate to destroy the drones belonging to Hezbollah in order to suppress the voices of criticism and other voices. Who wants to show respect to Hezbollah and prevent it from repeating its provocative actions.   General Eli Marum, the former commander of the Israeli Navy, wrote in an article published by the Hebrew newspaper "Israel Hum" about it: the interception of the drones that Hezbollah sent to the Karish gas field was done using Barak missiles located on the deck of Israeli warships and this is a historical interception operation in which the Barak missile was used for the first time in a practical way and its success and accuracy were determined.   General Marum revealed that in the evaluation of the situation of the navy, it was found that Israeli ships suffer from a defect and weakness in the field of defense against the ever-increasing air threats that is why the development of the Barak 8 missile jointly with the Indian Navy is on the agenda and this missile system has become operational in recent years.   He added that Hezbollah s threats to attack the gas platforms in the Karish gas field and, as a result, to play with Israel s power in the field of energy, have put this regime s navy on alert and the Israeli ship intercepted the drone in a successful operation. Is. Of course, this is not enough, and the Israeli cabinet must strongly and firmly react to Hezbollah s efforts and attack the targets that are used in the context of the use of Hezbollah s drones affiliated with Iran, and of course, attacking these targets must To be done with the participation of air defense and naval defense systems.   On the other hand, General Amos Yadlin, the former head of the military intelligence branch of the Israeli army (Aman), admitted that Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah, the secretary general of the Lebanese Hezbollah, challenges Israel s control and air power and establishes a new equation.