Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) 25 Jan 2023 - 10:44 -------------------------------------------------- Title : Protest rally in Pakistan against desecration of Holy Quran -------------------------------------------------- Following the desecration of the Holy Quran in the countries of Holland and Sweden, which led to the anger of the Muslims of the world, the people of Pakistan also protested in the city of Lahore, located in the east of this country. Text : Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): Supporters of the Central League Muslim Party demonstrated on Tuesday (January 24) in the city of Lahore in eastern Pakistan and chanted slogans against Edwin Wagensold, the leader of the far-right Pegida party.   On Sunday, Wagensold tore up the Holy Quran near the Dutch Parliament in a derogatory act.   The people of Pakistan held a demonstration in Karachi on Tuesday and condemned the insult to the Holy Quran in Sweden.   The government of Sweden recently issued permission for "burning Qurans" in its country for the third time, and this time it was done on Saturday in front of the Turkish embassy in Stockholm.   These offensive actions have been widely condemned worldwide. Egypt, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Iran, the United Arab Emirates, Al-Azhar Egypt, the World Assembly of Muslim Scholars, Qatar, the Council of Shiite Scholars of Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Jordan, Maghreb, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, the Persian Gulf Cooperation Council, Turkey and the Ansarullah Group. This action and its repetition issued statements and warned about the spread of actions that cause disrespect to religions and the escalation of violence.