Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) 26 Sep 2022 - 11:41 -------------------------------------------------- Title : Afghanistan and the opportunities created (2); Dismantling the presence of American mercenaries Sayed Isa Hussaini Mazari -------------------------------------------------- Text : Simultaneously with the US invasion of Afghanistan and the all-round occupation of the country by its soldiers and other allies of this country in the NATO treaty, a flood of natives who were either born in the West or were educated there after immigrating, poured into Afghanistan. This spectrum is divided into several categories; 1- A group entered Afghanistan as translators, advisers and employees of the military forces and were collaborators and collaborators with these forces until the end. 2- Another group appeared as managerial activists in Afghanistan s political arena and slowly and gradually gained responsibility in various positions; from the president to the minister, deputy minister, president, governor, mayor, etc. 3- A group entered the country s security system as intelligence forces or created a parallel security flow and engaged in espionage and counter-espionage against the people of Afghanistan. 4- As cultural and educational activists, a number of them entered into activities at the head or in the form of cultural and educational institutions, or started to establish cultural and educational institutions themselves. 5- There were also a group of active and prominent media elements who started working at the top or in the format of the country s media or started to establish media themselves, including radio, television, weekly, daily, magazine, etc. 6- Another group who previously had charitable institutions moved to the country and some of them started working in the framework of these institutions or established new institutions. 7- A circle was also established by civil assemblies, or they started working in the framework of civil organizations, or dozens of other titles and names can be found under these titles and names of Western-affiliated technocrats were active in Afghanistan. This group of American mercenaries became nobles in all aspects of people s lives, especially in the political, security, social, economic, cultural, media and military fields of the country and began to work and by attracting and organizing tens of thousands of inexperienced or less experienced youth. Others, in line with the implementation of pre-arranged plans to achieve the desired goals, they undertook round-the-clock efforts.  The main goal of the US, in addition to obtaining Afghanistan s underground facilities, was to use its very important geography to reach regional interests. Because American intelligence agencies announced years ago; Soon, the economic power of the West will be transferred to the East, and this emerging economic power in the East as well; It will be formed by the four countries of China, Russia, India and Iran, since then American decision-making institutions have been struggling to first prevent this transition and secondly to at least manage the process of gaining power of these four countries, and their output to confiscate their benefits. Afghanistan was the best strategic region to occupy this strategic part and Asia with an excuse, and then start their destructive and management operations towards the mentioned countries, but the process is progressing. The plan of the Americans will be successful when they succeed in Afghanistan and gain complete control over this country and its people. According to the Americans, the way to complete domination was first to impose secularism on the people, and it will be provided only through the promotion of democracy, not procedural democracy, but value democracy. The hardware of the promotion and deepening of value democracy was the military, political and security forces of the West led by the United States, but the software was the national forces that came to the country from the West after the occupation of Afghanistan, and even the technocratic forces affiliated to the West in the region, especially in Pakistan and Iran were also present, they came to the country and became active alongside those who came from the West National forces affiliated with the West, led by the American military and strategists, tried their best to rule over the people of Afghanistan by imposing Western value democracy on the one hand, and on the other hand, by presenting a regional model, other countries, especially Iran but it didn t take long for the Americans to realize that there is no benefit in pursuing this policy, in the second stage they began to promote and deepen the culture of Wahhabism and spread the idea of ​​takfiri in Afghanistan, they tried to convince a part of the people who were with democracy. find a compatible value, manage and entertain another group through the idea of ​​Wahhabism, when they are disappointed with the effectiveness of this process, they decide to make it unsafe, weaken the established structure by themselves and tens and hundreds of plans and tricks and conspiracies It was implemented by the Americans in line with the comprehensive national management, so that they can succeed in keeping our people captive and entertaining and even involving the countries of the region with the Afghan crisis, but the formation of the anti-occupation movement in the country, whether in Hard fronts by the Taliban and whether in soft fields to and Other groups of Muslim organizations, institutions and the general public provided the ground for the defeat of all the evil movements of America, and as a result, it caused the failure of the occupation and expulsion of the US-led NATO forces from Afghanistan, and at the same time, hundreds of thousands of mercenaries and Western-affiliated forces left the country. and now Afghanistan s emptying of these forces has created a good opportunity for the Islamic Emirate, all elites and our dear people to join hands and do comprehensive and radical work for a free, independent and Islamic Afghanistan.