Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) 2 Jul 2022 - 15:52 -------------------------------------------------- Title : Fear or Terror Has No Definition Under Islamic Emirate Rule -------------------------------------------------- Mullah Hibatullah Akhundzadeh, the ulema grand assembly in Kabul Loya Jirga tent, stresses that Afghanistan is a free and independent country and does not need to follow the advice and roadmap of others. Text : Afghan Voice Agency(AVA)_Monitoring, On the second day of the grand ulema assembly in Kabul, Amir al-Momineen stressed that “Afghanistan is now a free and independent country, and we will not listen to the advice of infidels even if we are attacked by a nuclear weapon.” He accused some foreign countries of “sedition against the Islamic Emirate” and said that these countries want to destroy the Islamic Emirate rule. In addition to these statements, the media quoted the deputy spokespersons of the Islamic Emirate as saying, “Amir al Momineen, while stressing the implementation of a general amnesty in the country, asked the politicians and businessmen of Afghanistan to return to their country,”. He directed the government officials to release those people who have been arrested and imprisoned without committing a crime. He also mentioned the achievements of the Islamic Emirate, that after the end of the occupation, the Islamic Emirate has provided national security, prohibited the cultivation and production of drugs, and eliminated administrative corruption. These statements can refer to the threats that the Islamic Emirate has faced during the past eleven months, which is the time of its re-establishment, from a number of countries and international organizations, and it can still express the goodwill of the Islamic Emirate. In the continuation of the general amnesty, the fight against all kinds of corruption and the prevention of drug trafficking are under various names. “If we look closely at the course of developments during the 10 months that have passed since the re-establishment of the Islamic Emirate, the issue of insecurity and instability in the country has been closed and the Islamic Emirate has done a lot in this regard, despite the efforts of the Islamic Emirate to interact with the outside world, some countries have tried to ignite the fire of sedition in Afghanistan. In such a situation, it is the unity and solidarity among the people of Afghanistan to support their system by standing up against external conspiracies. Those scholars who gathered in Kabul pursued the same goal of how to shorten the path of intervention and conspiracy against the Islamic Emirate and what opportunities to create for the people to defend and support the system. Another point that was clarified in the words of Amirul Momineen is that force and terror cannot destroy the will of a nation. Sharia and security should be the basis of it, and they should work according to the orders, views, and opinions of others, a request that was always rejected by the Islamic Emirate. The ruler is the political and military situation in the country is moving towards self-determination under the roof of a legitimate rule, the tactic of intimidation, fear, and terror in this country no longer has a definition and meaning, under Islamic Emirate rule in Afghanistan, were those the Amir al Momineen words during his speech in the grand ulema assembly, on Friday.