Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) 8 Jun 2022 - 10:40 -------------------------------------------------- Title : A Zionist drone was shot down in Gaza -------------------------------------------------- The Israeli army announced the downing of a drone belonging to it in Gaza. Text : Afghan Voice Agency (AVA), The Israeli army announced that a drone belonging to the regime has been shot down in northern Gaza.   Al-Jazeera news network quoted the Zionist army as saying that the regime army is investigating the cause of the crash.   In a similar case on June 5, a Skylark drone of the invading Zionist regime s army crashed, and the regime announced that it was trying to return the drone after the Lebanese army seized it.   The Lebanese army confirmed in a statement that an Israeli drone had crashed in southern Lebanon, stating: "On May 26, 2022, at approximately 18:30, a drone belonging to the Israeli enemy invaded Lebanese airspace on the outskirts of the southern town of Ramish."